Trans Gernad Scania Skin


Author: Per_DK

Trans Gernad Scania skins on request from Kevin in Belgium.
The skins fits all chassis version of the truck.
Doorhandle mod by vlajkx_fi-d-by-Steve
Mirrors from New SCANIA ver 3.0 by Dallyborr.
Thanks Guys.


19 thoughts on “Trans Gernad Scania Skin

  1. Freddy Jimmink

    Again a great skin my friend, Absulutely great!

    Keep it up mate!


    Freddy Jimmink

    1. Thanks Freddy

      1. Great skin! Wheels included?

        1. Freddy Jimmink

          Wheels are not included, but i will place them on the site here,



          1. Looking forward for this. Thank you.

          2. Hey Axelrol, wheels is included in rar file, sorry for not writing it :).

          3. Freddy Jimmink

            Sorry my mistake, but now black
            and blue wheels are on the site for everybody,


            Freddy Jimmink

          4. Cool 🙂

  2. Freddy Jimmink

    Just sended mail to admin,



  3. Sarkissian


  4. hey PER_DK nice skin but where are P-Bjarne anderson trailer!!!

    1. I am testing it at the moment so i will say its ready to morrow, together with a few more danish trailers

  5. Great work, and nice skin!! It is very beautiful and detailed. But i never use this kind of skin in my game.;)

    1. Freddy Jimmink

      That is weird? He wrote something completaly different by the same DAF, This child is a lunatick!



      1. i said that only because this skin effectly is better than the Daf one.

        No problem Per_DK, nice wark aswell.;)

    2. Well thats up to you Randy m, Kevin who asked me to make this skin is more than happy with it, so no problem in that, it’s hard to make everyone happy.

  6. …flot arbejde per…meget gennemført…ved du om de virker på 1.3.1..?

    1. det burde de gøre Jesper, men ellers må du godt lige sige til, der kommer en lille trailer pakke lidt senere i dag, så er der lidt at se frem til 🙂

  7. Génial!!UNe peau de + de la Belgique,Merci.

    Awesome! + AN skin Belgium, Thank you.

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