Translation of the names of Cities in French

Translation-of-the-names-of-Cities-in-French-1 Translation-of-the-names-of-Cities-in-French-2

This mod translates the French cities of the game. It also corrects he name of two cities that have been poorly translated into French on signs, it is Bern and Turin (Named Torino and Bern in the game)

Authors: Julien, Nico7184, godzyla


2 thoughts on “Translation of the names of Cities in French

  1. please go for Promods 1.62

  2. Cosmin_ro

    Just an question 😉
    For what?
    When you go in Romania for example, what is written on the boards ???

    Bucuresti or Bucarest ???

    Just tell me 😉

    Encore un mod qui sert a rien, fait par un français…
    Pour pas changer quoi 😛

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