Transparent LED Board


That’s the LED Board by RJL without black backplate. You need Scania R & Streamline Modifications v1.4.1 because without it doesn’t work.

You can use it as mod separately (higher priority) or replace the files in the main mod.

Authors: RJL, Navix


8 thoughts on “Transparent LED Board

  1. Thanks! ?

  2. puffitheone

    thx alot.sometimes the little things make all thx

  3. TCab ScaniaFan25

    isnt there one for the t cab being made if so when?

    1. mod for tcab was uploaded and waiting for activation

  4. ziaazemira

    Thank You !!!

  5. francesc090

    wow fantastic 🙂

  6. Great little tweak, works perfectly, thanks a lot!

  7. TYVM

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