Transporter trailers pack


4 transporter trailers:
– with MAN trucks
– with two vans
– with crashed Iveco trucks
– with ambulcane cars

Authors: KRaL, Blade1974

Tested on 1.3.1 version.


4 thoughts on “Transporter trailers pack

  1. Dylan Elliot

    I can only deliver vans all the others are installed but not working

    1. Because they all replace the same trailer, if you include all 4 at once then they just show the one that loads last, I turn some off and just leave one at a time, currently the wrecked Iveco’s.

  2. work on 1.4.8 or not ?

  3. Archive closed – bad. It would be a separate cargo – it would be very good.
    Replace the auto carrier does not want to.

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