Transports Hervouin Skin for Chereau Trailer and Scania R

Skin for chereau and Scania R skin

RedLion skins; MDModding trailer


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7 thoughts on “Transports Hervouin Skin for Chereau Trailer and Scania R


    1. use skin by others skinners

  2. I can send you pdn file if you want

    And by the way why you think ?? that is stolen ????
    first check than accuse !!!

  3. For Kriistof and those who think that my skins area stolen !!

    Here is the PDN file

  4. ### i dont think you have stolen my chereau… I think my skin hervouin IS better. But i see différence in skin color and other in dds. You have skin Scania and no use skin for your pack ? Ok if you want . Thanks for inspiration on skin G7. Good job ?

    1. This is kind a childish who s better obviously its not perfect but you don’t have to download it. What I include in the pack is my personal preference is not concerning you.

  5. Possible de faire le scania s hervouin

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