version 1.3 added new vegetations, added normal map. the version of the steam workshop does not have a normal map



5 thoughts on “tree_improved__4k_1.3_ETS

  1. lorenzo de lucia

    hello what is the correct version for map combo ? steam version or no steam version?

  2. dirceu junior

    the steam version does not have normal map.

    1. lorenzo de lucia

      ok no steam version is better and complete right?

  3. lorenzo de lucia which i choose for tree improved 4k steam or no steam version ? i have a map combo and weather 2.68 k steam version which is better and complete

  4. lorenzo de lucia
    Hello good morning i used weather 2.6 steam version and tree improved 4 k 1.3 no steam version . i have a map combo right ?the no steam version for tree improved 4k 1.3 is better and complete right ?

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