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Hello mates! o/ !

Trickymap is completly rebuild under a new philosphy: no more ultra-narrow pass-trough… in this way gameplay will be more easy for rookie drivers and experienced drivers are free to drive and park extra-size cargos… fun for everyone! 8)

A brief list of improvements:
-> Removed all the ultra-narrow pass through
-> Filled the ultra-easy areas
-> Coherence improved
-> 1.16 friendly
-> Double trickyes in many areas
-> New lights system in the darkest areas
-> Various fix

I hope you enjoy and feedback! TY!



10 Responses to Tricky map 2.0

  1. 4861yeti says:

    It´s a very nice Job

  2. noune45 says:

    est elle compatible avec promod svp

  3. ilratte says:

    Hi mates! TY for interest! I’m in touch with TSM Team for a future interaction. At this moment a kind of work like that is out of sight for me… i’m alone… not a team… heheheh But i’ll take care about your request! TY!

  4. jonesy says:

    seen as your good at these maps I would like to make a request, would it be possible to copy the weighbridge from Newcastle dock and put it into every depot ??????

    thanks in advance

    • ilratte says:

      Hmmm… interesting…. hmmm… i’ll go to see that weighbridge soon! 8) TY!

      • jonesy says:

        brilliant ! ive been requesting this for a long time 🙂


  5. GameModReviews says:

    Looks like the Daf dealer @ Amsterdam is unreachable when using this mod. A bit too tricky 🙂

    • ilratte says:

      Maaan! TY! You was totally right 8) DAF dealer was 180 degrees twisted.
      I’ve fixed it and will be included in the 2.1 release, in a…. few days 8)

      In the 2.1 version i’m working also on area balancing: most difficult areas will be a bit easier, most easier will be a bit more difficult. As well, in the 2.1 version you will find more fixing around and the England areas 8)

      Normally use warp speed @ 0.8 (set it from the game console)… should be a bit helpful in the more difficult parking and the whole gameplay will be more realistic.

      One more time: Thank you!

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