Triple and Quad Trailer by BRANTAS

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Triple and Quad Trailers

– All companies

– Skin added

– sometimes Doubles are also available

– available as long distance and heavy trailers

– Average of 398,007 euros per job

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“If you need the SCANIA truck which is in image and video I used to
finish job just comment below and subscribe channel”

Next time i will upload all types of scania truck from P G R S in short, normal,
and long in a single pack.

and thank you if you download the mod



12 thoughts on “Triple and Quad Trailer by BRANTAS

  1. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.28..

  2. scanıa+modu+linkini+atarmısınız

    1. The_Ulas_7

      Scania P diye ararsan gelir 😉

  3. Hi.+Can+you+tell+me+how+to+modify+the+trailer+number?+It’s+too+long+and+i+can’t+exit+any+logistic+yard.+It’s+7+trailers+long…

  4. scifischauer

    Die Trailer stehen alle auf Mauern oder Zäunen. Wie soll man denn die wegbekommen??

    1. Green Dream

      Mit der sogenannten Flycam kann man sich teleportieren. Dabei wird der Anhänger immer angekuppelt, egal wo er steht. Ich benutze außerdem einen No Trailer Damage Mod um Schäden zu vermeiden. Funktioniert auch auf Modmaps und mit 99% der Modauflieger sowie Tandems. Viel Spaß beim Ausprobieren.

  5. The scania pack please, it would b great if you include the R1000
    Keep up the good work

  6. Will this mod work in ets2 version 1.5.2?

  7. Does this work in 1.31.x

  8. Speak English people!!!

  9. PLEASE update this for 1.33

  10. SilviSaleva

    Hi, No one mod this type about long vehicles is not function to me. I have that mod, I had it in folder “documents/ETS2/mod/” or I instaled it in the game from steam workshop, All mods are available and switch on. But triple or quad vehlcles aren’t there. Help me please, and tell me why. What is wrong. THX

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