Tropical Environment v3.5


This mod simulates a tropical environment.

For use with warm climate maps like EAA, PJ Indo, Sumatra etc.
Can also be used with the standard map or other European map like Promods for a change of scenery.

Key Features
Tropical vegetation and terrain
Tropical weather
Road and sidewalk texture changes
Building changes
Painted kerbs and barriers
Yellow road lines
Coniferous hedges
Other model changes

Compatibility Latest Version: 1.25

If you are using the Realistic Building Lights mod then place it below this mod in Mod Manager.
Tropical Environment is also a weather mod so it is recommended that other weather mods are disabled.

Recommended Mod: Sound Fixes Pack by Drive Safely.
Tropical Environment should be given a high priority in Mod Manager

Changes in v3.5
Vegetation improvements
Improved weather
Less vegetation in road issues
Sumatra fixes pack in download

Extract files from downloaded rar and place in Mod Manager.



8 thoughts on “Tropical Environment v3.5

  1. scania_dragon

    europe is not at the carribian or elsewhere

    1. Richie Rich

      Try it in Iceland and Finland.

    2. It’s main purpose is for use in warm climate maps or do you just look at the pictures before making your inane comment.

      1. scania_dragon

        warm and climate maps (with tropical environment) has less to nothing to do with ETS2 and/or europe. That’s the reason why I play my game only with a european map. And the best map is promods. I’m on the side of reality. That’s the reason why I built only mods (trailers and paintjobs) with real companies.

  2. Don’t worry Grimes, bad mouth are always hard to shut down…
    Thx for the mod.

    1. Not ‘hard’, than it is not possible …
      Grimes, thx for the mod.

  3. it;s a great idea, I only hope that it can be deactivated without that the game will automatically reset the economy. I plan of course to load it when driving on tropical countries not on Promods

    1. tested a few km and first impression is that the vegetation quality is low comparing to ProMods. the good thing is that the game economy won’t reset if mod is deactivated during a job.

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