Tropical Europe v 3.0

Tropical-Europe-2 Tropical-Europe-3 Tropical-Europe-1

Turns Europe into a tropical or desert like environment.

Compatible with Promods, Rus Map, MHA, TSM and others.

Compatibility: 1.22

Changes in v3.0
– Improved vegetation
– Desert terrain added
– Updated for 1.22

Author: Grimes


8 thoughts on “Tropical Europe v 3.0

  1. Russian beast

    Ha-ha-ha! Good joke! I will positively try it tonight. )))

  2. Cant open the file.

    1. There’s no file to open, just download it and put it in your mod folder.

      1. I did it. Great mod,man. Thanks a lot. Feels like driving in heaven..

  3. lordmodets2

    you know, that with current climate change that the earth is suffering, that increasingly can become become a reality …

    translate by gooogle

    1. Maybe then in the future I’ll get a few more downloads for this mod 🙂

  4. How to install this?

    1. Download it and put it in the mod folder.

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