Truck Dealer Fix BETA


Fixed crash near big truck dealers on version 1.16 beta.
Tested on TSM Map, Promods and MsHeavyAlex EU Map.
To work properly fix should be below your map in Mod folder.

Author: John


18 Responses to Truck Dealer Fix BETA

  1. Dada says:

    This works great, thanksss you man …

  2. Gulak says:


  3. juneau78 says:

    but the big showroom return to the previous version right?

  4. Vasek says:

    The game crashed at the DAF dealer in Glasgow (GB). Now everything is OK. Thanks. Sorry for bad English.

  5. samkip15 says:

    thx! it works

  6. НКВД says:

    Eastern Express 5.1.2 Mixed with TSM 5.3.1, I hoped it’ll work great, but unfortunetely, even when I put scs file for load on last place (zzzzzzzzz_fix.scs) I’ll get crash while drivingthrough center of Warsaw.

    PS. CAPTCHA not very funny 😀 ( that’s it )

  7. НКВД says:

    I forgot… [public_beta] branch current

  8. Vitfon says:

    Спасибо за исправление!Проверил на карте RusMap версии 1.4.7(прекрасно работает!Вылеты возле автосалонов прекратились,лог не ругается больше на префабы.:-))

  9. fredy says:

    Thanx for the fix, but crash near Warzsawa, Majesctic truck dealer.

  10. Guy says:

    Using ETS 2 version 1.16.2s with TSM Map 5.3 with Russia Map 1.4.7 with Brutal Enviroment HD Gold and a dozen more mods and this fixed the crashing problem. So far. I only tried it at a dealer I kept crashing at in London. Once I installed this mod, no more crash. Even drove right into the dealer. I will try different dealers and if I crash again, I will update here. Thank you!!

  11. Thomas says:

    Im using 1.16 version through steam update. Im using the standard map with no add on maps how do I get this fix mod to work with standard map? Your help is appreciated

  12. LiTaNia says:

    Works well other cities but NOT WORKING IN GOING EAST CITIES (Budafest, Warszawa) so YOU HAVE TO AVOID THE DEALERS OF THESE CITIES.

  13. gunther says:

    Truck dealer in budapest
    00:02:55.394 : [model] Unknown variant name ‘renault’ on model ‘/prefab/truck_dealer/truck_dealer_02.pmd’
    i have promods 1.83 this error and in 1.84 this error .

  14. Theosz says:

    TY for made and sharing.

    can u add small dealer?

  15. Paulo says:

    hello, the mod does not work. everytime I try to go into a dealership the game crashes. what can it be?

  16. Greg says:

    This fix doesn’t work! Don’t download this fake.

  17. boston says:

    RusMap 1.4.8 not work!

    [model] Unknown variant name ‘man’ on model ‘/prefab/truck_dealer/truck_dealer_02.pmd’

  18. Andreas says:

    Worked great until I upgraded my promods to 1.9, please update this mod.

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