Truck Decals Windows Font


Truck Decals Windows Font
+ Scania Fonts



21 thoughts on “Truck Decals Windows Font

  1. Mercohaulic

    Very Cool. Excellent Idea. Thanks.

  2. Is this beeing found in the workshop?

  3. Goos idea but no intercooler decal and no idea how put it on the windows as well

  4. simaozinho

    At least you could have explained where do you put this mod, or how to use it in a txt file

  5. How do you use it?

    1. Greetings truckers!
      For all of you who doesnt know what to do with this!
      This is a font type file. It must be installed in your fonts,then you can use it in your image editor with a text tool and caps lock on. Its meant to be used for vehicle decals while skinning.
      Thats all!
      Best regards zak4862

      1. ¿en qué carpeta se debe colocar? y ¿cómo se modifica? danos una explicación mas específica por favor me gusto el mod pero no se como colocarlo en el juego.

  6. Please tutorial video, windows skin …

    1. Sorry mate! I dont own a camera and I dont have installed any screen capture software.
      So, maybe someone else who also know the procedure will make a video.
      Best regards zak4862

    2. Quattrophobia

      In order to do window skins/decals you need to open up models within zmodeler and edit the 3D files. Truck Skins and part skins can be done on photoshop or other image editors

  7. НЕ РАБОТАЕТ!!!!! Что За фейк???

    1. V8K-Blaine

      ### boon

      1. Thanks V8K-Blane can I use both at once?

        1. Sorry found it.

  8. I did install the font, opened paint, selected _V8K-Blaine_Scania_Decals, pressed ‘a’ but nothing happened. The cursor moved, but nothing popped up. It’s like when you press the spacebar.

    1. I figured out how it works (with capital letters), but I only get some of the decals and those decals I get are cut in half. I only get the upper part.
      What am I doing wrong?

      1. V8K-Blaine

        Not Windows paint -> compatible, Photoshop CS, ……!

        1. Ah thanks, I tried with GIMP and it worked 😉

  9. thanks+a+lot

  10. Blackdice

    hello the link is broken can you pls reup!

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