Truck International Transtar 4070A 1.45 – 1.46

Envelope from ATS to Ets 2 with modifications

Mod features:
2 – Cabins
2 – Chassis
18 – Engines
7 – Transmissions
4 – Interior
A bunch of colors + a couple of skins
Wow, a lot of tuning


Reduced file size
Removed excess junk

Author: Blade’s Shop, SMRS
Collaboration: AJIEHA
Envelope author: Oleg Strukov

Oleg Strukov


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6 thoughts on “Truck International Transtar 4070A 1.45 – 1.46

  1. FuckYouAllBitches

    totaler schrott Amaturenbrett defekt

    1. another old junk of a mod… don’t download this #### guys.. don’t make this a..hole satisfied..

  2. Great truck, my 4K movie off it

  3. Ràcz Béla

    Echt schöner Truck mit viel Potenzial. Das einzige Problem ist, dass man die Tachos nicht richtig ablesen kann…. scheint wie verschwommen zu sein

  4. Amazing truck, you should fix the reflects on the windowshield and the hud please, it’s blurry, i can’t read anything.
    Great job.

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