Truck KAMAZ 65225 + Lowbed Trailer 1/46


Adaptation to patch 1.46
Added handles to windows
Animated driver side window
Now the kali of rain are being erased
Overclocked engines on “Severe Russia” will drive uphill without problems)
And added an engine for 400 – 650HP (the sound is the same)

Author: Nikola
Truck Reconstruction Help: Funyash
Adaptations and bug fixes: AJIEHA



3 thoughts on “Truck KAMAZ 65225 + Lowbed Trailer 1/46

  1. Mod is working 100%

  2. The same old mod not properly updated, again. Many texture errors, obsolete atributes, etc. Do modders not pay attention to polishing anymore? sigh.

    1. It works, you either have broken mods yourself or are not trying enough

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