Truck Loads V1.33

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Available in 162 companies.

The package includes 18 pallets for truckloads.

1 pallets with Barrels.
1 pallets with Timber tree
1 pallets with Vegetables
1 pallets with Fodder
1 pallets with Gas cylinder
10 pallets with boxes.
2 pallets with bags.
1 pallet with bricks.
Loading and unloading sounds.
Tested 1.33x
Enjoy the mod!

Visible in the credits under the heading tn_pallet
you DON’T have the permission to upload it somewhere else.



4 thoughts on “Truck Loads V1.33

  1. Staszek44


    1. kurulumu nasıl yaptınız

  2. cam you updates that too 1.38? 🙂

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