Truck Mercedes-Benz 1620 – ATRON


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Bring the site ETS2.LT one mdo a truck typically Brazilian
Model 1620 and Mercedes Atron goods
various types of chassis
two cabins
cargar varied
motor sound
unique interior
coating on glass
possibility of editions in some parts
can be used as a truck mechanic and truck horse
creditos: thiago sotero (group tde Brazil)
images: edson Mundoets2



16 thoughts on “Truck Mercedes-Benz 1620 – ATRON

  1. Ugly ####

    1. geb ich dir recht..voll scheisse gemacht der mod

      1. deinemudda

        typically Brazilian = bullshit ^^

    2. Challenge your friend to do something that surprised why this type comments do not add anything to invite knowing trucks from all countries and not have a child’s mind which are worth your taste and you’re wrong

  2. the truck is a really #### is very very ugly, but it have very much tuning accesories, i understand why the beautifull trucks like mercedes mp4, volvo fh16 old and new ecc mods dont have all that accesories.

  3. i think they are just jealous becouse they have a limit on what they can do on there trucks in there own country.

  4. Anão Diplomatico

    Tonho os seus mods são os piores, é cada porcaria que só brasileiro para te apoiar mesmo…


      entao fique longe deles kkkkkkkk , dont use my mods simple !!!

  5. great way to go and get support for yourself by throwing out insults.
    be the bigger person and ignore the trolls

    but if its just for you, then why post it?


      private mod , for few people

  6. DrunkDriver

    It`s not bad at all,it`s just different than European trucks.You should take it for a ride before you call it a bullshit.
    Best regards from DrunkDriver.

  7. only brazilian monkeys can find their own mods good looking ….

  8. GagahBerhad

    what i can say is brasil trucks is worst than asian trucks…

  9. GagahBerhad

    what i can say is brasil trucks is worst than asian trucks…

  10. SomebodyNew

    One question: do you like your mod?
    I think you should just play and download mods. This is a ####! You won’t see a truck like this on the road. ###!!

  11. Unless brazilian trucks don’t look like christmas trees

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