Truck pack


Mercedes Benz 1938, Volvo NH 440, Scania 124G V.3.0
Tested with 1.3.1
Author: Tonho


15 thoughts on “Truck pack

  1. how to download from this link?? plz reupload to other links like mediafire

  2. Click yellow button Stáhnout

    1. i did nothing happens i entered captcha nothing happened

  3. Dude, you can change language to english on this site…Blindfish

    1. i did , i clicked download and everything but nothing happens !! Moron

  4. OK i changed browser i used Firefox i was using opera !

  5. Bart van Ham

    Those crazy Brazilians

  6. Any info on what truck it gos en as and how to get them ingame.

  7. Sarkissian

    Do these trucks REPLACE OTHER trucks??
    Also, upload them to some OTHER and BETTER site like Mediafire, these sites where you guys upload ####, they are UNCLEAR, full of POP-UPS, lead to NOTHING, just ANNOY the #### out of people!!

    1. Mediafire free version is ok.. only bad thing is that upload limit is 200MB at once..

  8. they go in and fill it all or you can still get one without nose

    1. Sarkissian

      What did you actually try to say there???
      I don’t understand a word of it!

  9. This is what is in the read me within the file, I re-translated it as the translated version in the folder was not great.
    …: Description – Pack of pointy convert TONHO: …
    – The 124G and 1938 need to buy side mirror inside the cab to show up the hood,
    small bug in the mirror of 124G, Press F2 to run into a few times.
    – Wheels comes in separate mod.
    …: All claims: …
    Scania 124G By: Filipe Sampaio
    Truck MB 1938 By: Rafael Brusque
    Conversion To ETS 2: Tonho
    Images: Tonho
    … IMPORTANT: …
    Remember: do not know model, just joined and converted the mods, I do not know anyone who wants to do this right to edit and improve, good luck!
    …: Installation: …

    Extract all files in the folder mod the game.

    I re-uploaded it for those unable to use the original link….>>

  10. queria mods tonho shop para rebaixar minha scania e por um rodoar nela mais nao tem e ainda os que tem nao e pelo media fire o unico que eu sei baixar os mods

  11. JohnBlaine

    the second and write it and then download it

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