Truck Physics v 2.6

Top priority in the fashion manager.

This mod has the following realistic changes:

Realistic physics.

– Strong swinging of the cabin when the truck stops.
– At high speed, do not enter the turn (Very tight steering wheel).

– In the options menu of the game, set the stability of the trailer to zero.
– In the options menu of the game, turn on the ‘Physical Camera’ and maximize the slide.

Verified on version: 1.31.x

by Strannik75


4 Responses to Truck Physics v 2.6

  1. Koldaka says:

    video ?

  2. Steve says:

    Well the mod is nice, pretty realistic. Only one thing if you can make the cab shake stronger because it’s pretty stiff.
    Thanks in advance and thanks for the mod!

  3. Codex222 says:

    I really love this physics some really good physics for my taste đŸ˜€ Also theres bug when I get trailer selelection my game crashes so fix that I always have to choose it then quicksave and load it again.

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