Truck Service

Service Station
Now Compatible with 1.43x Version Game


DOWNLOAD 20 MB [mirror]

8 thoughts on “Truck Service

  1. The. Nightgames

    Good morning TDS-ECO

    This is a cool mod only there is one big problem and that is that there are some texture errors would it be possible to release an update as soon as possible to fix the error?

    If you like I can also send you the bugs over Discord

    Discord Name: Dr. Nightcore#8653

    1. Hi The. Nightgames, yes it’s good you can post the errors.

      1. The. Nightgames

        or can you be contacted in another way

  2. willy1962

    could be nice mod , but in 1.43 many many to many red textures.
    now its good for trashcan.

  3. Giancarlo

    Caro Ragazzo
    questo è il risultato del Service Scania..
    mancanza texture
    vedi screenshot

  4. not working

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