Truck Shop v.6


For Renault Magnum and Scania
Author: Maghetto704


7 thoughts on “Truck Shop v.6


    Author: Maghetto !

  2. Where do you guys find these mods? Other sites with no info on the mods?

  3. It’s so hard to open the mod and read the credits?? The mod is by Maghetto704.

  4. Bart van Ham

    If you have V4 or older installed, delete all parts from your truck before installing V5 or V6!

    1. Hobbytrucker

      where i can find the Light tuning which i found by the mirrors ???
      theres nothing … 🙁

  5. steve white

    good mod, just wish it was in English….

  6. Bart van Ham

    I have a translation file that I will upload soon, I think the admin of this site will be able to find it quickly 😉

    Lights can only be chosen after you bought a new cab from the mod.

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