Truck Shop v.6


For Renault Magnum and Scania
Author: Maghetto704


7 Responses to Truck Shop v.6


    Author: Maghetto !

  2. Quarazhi says:

    Where do you guys find these mods? Other sites with no info on the mods?

  3. jennyz says:

    It’s so hard to open the mod and read the credits?? The mod is by Maghetto704.

  4. Bart van Ham says:

    If you have V4 or older installed, delete all parts from your truck before installing V5 or V6!

    • Hobbytrucker says:

      where i can find the Light tuning which i found by the mirrors ???
      theres nothing … 🙁

  5. steve white says:

    good mod, just wish it was in English….

  6. Bart van Ham says:

    I have a translation file that I will upload soon, I think the admin of this site will be able to find it quickly 😉

    Lights can only be chosen after you bought a new cab from the mod.

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