Truck Sim Map v 4.1.2 a


Trucksim Map 4.1.2 a for Patch 1.6.x and /or DCL East

Authors: SCS Software, 50keda, FLD/TZ, kamaz, Reislord, valera_t, Königszapfen, 2X2, Carinthian


53 thoughts on “Truck Sim Map v 4.1.2 a

  1. Can I use DLC East mod expansion for TSM map or not, but nice map and please tell little what more is new in this map, thanks

    1. Yes You can use the DLC for East even in the versio TSM Map 4.1.0.
      Hey have downloaded the Trailers and cargo pack from Jazzycat? And if so is it working becoz for me its not. Tell me how it works if you have tried it

  2. I think they are too busy trying to keep up with SCS game updates to type a lengthy description right now. 😛

    Personally I’ll wait with map mods or any major mods until ETS settles in with more updates just around the corner and WoTr being processed in, driving on a new account for now.

  3. Eyang Chubur

    wow..TSM Map for 1.6.1.
    but whats new map?

  4. Hi Guys I ran the TSM 4.1.2.a ETS2 1.6.1 + 51 other mods
    From 10×8 chassis to traffic mods, Trailers and Cargo, Military Cargo, Painted Truck traffic, sound mod, map zoom ect. I had not one CTD jet. So all I can say, it is working good, I’m very happy. Even my drive truck at the moment is a kenworth and I still have no problems.


  5. Can someone tell me whether this is compatible with Pro Mods Yet?


    1. No … isn’t compatible with any other mod
      this is a …. huge project

  6. Does need to create new save game? Map is so good i think 🙂

  7. Thank you man for no info. Hope to get more mods without any clue what it is.


  8. swrigley1998

    alternative link plz

  9. I rather use pro mod…. least it’s all actually in Europe….Spain and France is boring… Africa is boring and shite graphics and really long roads… last time used it red line on navigator didn’t work in Greece Croatia area….. and the map is too big and deliveries way too long to enjoy….. enough said

    1. yes. promod is great except the one little fact ,and fact is that it has bug which crashes game.
      Also promod looks really boring, i want kill myself during driving.
      Give us some crazy sh**, not some lame roads. But those scandinavian ppl are famous cause of their cold and calculated mentality without any zzzzbrrrzzz.

      Give us mod with fly crashing on our windshield , so that we can wipe her with our water and wipers

      1. ScaniaVabisr620

        Promods map doesent crashes the game. I havent crashed once since they released it 🙂 TSM is also a great mod, but is mostly fictional roads and scenery. all in all they are both i would say ” Kings ” of maps in two different catagories.

  10. use the link for faster download!

  11. AFter i installed this mod the game crashed. I have the Going East ets. I need another mod before that. Pls help! Sorry for my bad english.

  12. Is this map mod still full of those crusty old model formats that choke the game.log.txt file with warnings>

  13. errick_dannyel

    This is awesome! It work with 1.6.1 and dlc! No more crash when I want to take a cargo! One thing I don’t like, this mod erase all explored roads! You have to explore all the world again!

  14. Tengo la 1.6.0, me funcionara?

  15. Es necesario tener el DLC o no?

  16. errick_dannyel

    breathe happyPero tsm esta version es para 1.5.2 y o no dlc!

  17. Poradíte mi dal jsem si mapu ale hra se mi nenačte kde posledně uložila ani nova hra píše mi to nějakou chybu mam verzi hry díky za pomoc

  18. I have an error when I want to buy a truck and go free in the city goes flying, please a solution!!

  19. Alex, Rafael – try to load the autosave. if the result is the same, you can start a new profile

    1. je to furt stejny a novej profil děla to same hodi mi to hned no automatickeho načítaní

      1. už funguje mam 1.6.1

  20. Can I use this with my profile that has TSM 4.10, or do I have to start a new profile?

  21. you can

  22. Someone please tell me how to zoom all maps , I have problem in harbour , cannot decide wich is better way , may map zoom dlc or something will work on it ?

  23. AgainstAllOddsz

    I use my old profile

    some guxsz ask me for quick DL

    here we go!–19.10.2013-.7z.html

  24. maddison@tsm

    Why you didn’t use the original links from us? Please support the TSM Team and use only the links we provide.

    1. need help , please ?
      does TSM map support for full zoom ???
      it’s confusing when travel around without knowing the maps.

    2. AgainstAllOddsz

      links are down from some east countries

  25. Ahoj
    Mam ETS 2 +DLC v.1.5.2
    na ktorej mape najdem Afriku….

  26. Nu stiu cum e cu merg daca le pun asa.Se pot dezarhiva cumva.

  27. Does this map work on version 1.7?

    1. works with v1.7

      1. thanks Baba

        1. Yes abd Ok with V 1.7.1 !!!! + 21 Addons-moids.
          Ciao Brosko.

  28. Karotka215

    Pleas, link to download map preview in picture format.

    In game map preview don’t view southern countries.

  29. YesSs ! For the moment, the map is ok, save ok, garage ok, trucks ok, no bug, no crash !
    With V 1.7.1 …!!!
    + 24 addons-mods in the game..
    ( load mods 17-11-2013 ).

  30. brosko, you have the link for download, i try some link here but seems it don’t work. 🙁

    sorry im new from ETS2, where i put the map, same place than skin/wheels/etc in the mod file?

    sorry for my poor English


  31. Brunompinto

    I’m in version, it works but there’s a bug, in the menu, I can’t see the all map, there’s some parts missing, I can drive, I can see in the GPS but, not in the main menu, when I have to travel in the ship or train, I don’t know where to go cause I can’t see the destination, the map won’t appear, it seems that something is blocking it! Fix this please! Best map mod 😉

    1. make the map the last file in the mod folder and add some zzzzzzzz to the front of the file. At least 2-3 more than any other z-ed file in the folder. This usually shrinks map sizes.

  32. I enjoy this map, but I’m not sure if I installed this properly.I put all the files into my mod folder and it works fine, but somethings it seems to have added, such as my truck bouncing around quite a bit.

  33. thank you

  34. can i use it with v. ets2

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