Truck Sim Map v4.1.0


This map is playable version from version 1.5.2 !

Anyone who has been playing the last patch (Version 1.5.2 ) , should have no problems with the game .
Old map out , and the four new parts inside. The map should work with and without DLC .

But beware (!) : Before the games must initially edited the profile and the new mods
enabled ! Failing this , you land on the standard map in Nirvana .

Those who have had a garage in Gyor , this should sell before the benefits of the new map , as we
this place had to dissolve because of the DLC . Österreich in Darfur, there is a new place.

( The Österreicher Mogen us the location of St. polten forgive . , It had to be quick so that the release
may appear. Therefore had to be used a free space in the map. In a next version
The rest of us this . )

We’ve split the mod into four individual packages .

TSM_Map_4_1_0_defs & mat.scs
TSM_Map_4_1_0_prefab & more.scs

All four parts must be run in the mod folder !

Dividing the mods also has the advantage that maps released a fixed subsequently exchanged more easily
can be .

Who uses the Just Play Mod ( JPM ) , the new map should not use because it Abstürzen
will lead ! The new Just Play Mod ( JPM ) will appear in the next few days .

Credits: (and our thank you to )

SCS Software for the GrundMap with all the trimmings .
50keda for the new business plan and sell Kaarfor .
FLD / TZ for the new prefabs and models ( may not be used for free use !)
kamaz for signs
Rice Lord for signs
valera_t for different Mapmodelle
Königszapfen for the pictures

Should not remain unmentioned Carinthian , the rebuilding in Frankfurt , Tripoli and Aalborg
has made.

If we now again have forgotten someone , so it looks after us. We are happy to bring this into
the next version after .

We wish all users a wrinkle- free travel .
Your TSM team

We do our work for the fun of the thing , and they are also
continue to keep it open . But since we often asked about donations
were . possible here

Support provides exclusively only with details of the log file

TruckSim TruckSim Map of MODS is under a Creative Commons
Attribution -NonCommercial -NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License .
Based on a work at Download Only the original link from TSM ( ) .
Permissions beyond the scope of this license can be obtained under

This mod may only be charged on the offered download links !
The mod may not be offered to other file hosters !


89 Responses to Truck Sim Map v4.1.0

  1. MrETSTrucker says:

    There we go!

    • Jafer says:

      this map its works with other mods but need a start a new game right ?

  2. VolterMort says:

    How we are supposed to do this: “Those who have had a garage in Gyor , this should sell before the benefits of the new map” ?? How can we sell the garage?

    • J says:

      Sell the trucks, I guess, to at least not lose those.

      • human says:

        or move the truck other garage

        • VolterMort says:

          I did that, but the garage is still in my company, and if I delete all the TSM-Map files, the garage is still there but without name…

  3. RockKing918 says:

    Can anybody give me the link of ETS 2 Going East! DLC Addon with crack.. If anyone could give me that link, I would be grateful to you..

    • J says:

      If you like the game, buy it. SCS are about to give free new trucks to anybody with an original game soon, but you’ll have to go over the internet for days asking for a new and another new update with crack haha

    • P*Funk says:

      If you’re going to torrent something at least have the decency to find it yourself.

      • RockKing918 says:

        I know that but i don’t know why i am not able to download torrent site.. It just keeps on rotating & nothing comes,, That’s why i am asking downloads on Mediafire or Sendspace…

    • derBarni says:

      Do you also steal your things in your local supermarket instead of paying for it?!?
      Man, this thing costs 10 Euros, if you really want to have it, then this price is not too expansive!

      BTT: great job, TSM-Team! 😀

      • RockKing918 says:

        Oh man.. I know that but It is 10 Euros for you … For us.,,… It is Rs.5000

  4. RockKing918 says:

    cAN anybody give me the link of Going East! DLC link on any MediaFire, Sendspace.. WITH CRACK…

    • admin says:

      No cracks here!

    • Twitch says:

      If you want the game/DLC so badly, I am sure you’ll be able to find it. I mean I’ve just had a look and it is so simple to find it.
      (Note: I usually crack all games I play first, then if I enjoy it, I will buy it! The reason being is that I don’t really get that much money, and the little money I do get, I don’t want to waste it on anything)

  5. cross says:

    sorry but how can i add it 7z file in mod folder?

    • TomaSis says:

      delete all TSM files you have, extract the new ones with winrar and put them in mod folder ( they are 4 just 4 now)

  6. 2x2 says:

    there will be problems in the Gyor of course. in this city austria spelled :)))))))))

    how can? UNPACK and put FOUR FILES .SCS in mod folder, please :)))

    • TomaSis says:

      inside the pack TSM 4.1 are 4 scs files, just unpack put them in mod folder and active in game, just like that

  7. human says:

    Do I need still keep weekfreight mod setting in mods folder and activate?

  8. IGG_Gaming says:

    Will this version of TSM work with Pro Mod, and the DLC all together?

    • TomaSis says:

      This version of TSM 4.1 is made to work with or without the DLC, you chose and NO he will not work with any other maps

  9. Nick says:

    Haha, google translate isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

  10. DAF says:

    how can I extract it is not a Win zip ??

  11. BartvHam says:

    7z is not that uncommon nowadays. Try WinRAR

  12. TomaSis says:

    yes WInRAR do the job, works for me

  13. Anonymous says:

    So if Im playing on and have the Going East DLC, will this workout with the old save?

  14. Narekna says:


  15. Roel says:

    would you plz add Eindhoven from Holland at the next mod plz.

  16. MrETSTrucker says:

    No map or DLC can replace this creation, great job guys as allways…

  17. TomaSis says:

    in the city Gyor you should sell all trucks or move them with employees to another city before using the map and it should be fine if you don’t have the garage there, no problem at all, I don’t own a garage there and is all working perfect

  18. Robisierra says:

    Works great with DLC thanks 🙂

  19. tom says:

    ‘ve downloaded the 1.5.2 v4.1.0 map as I go to the garage to change the cabin Scani is blocking my game what I do ………………pobralem na 1.5.2 map v4.1.0 jak w chodze do garazu scani zeby zmienic kabine to blokuje mi gre co mam zrobic prosze o pomoc ! POLSKA

  20. David says:

    Downloadeed new map and this is what I get (can not open file ‘C;Users\David\Downloads|TSM_Map_4_1_0.7z’ as archive) does this mean have to delete old 1st before can do anything with new map? Not that the game has allowed me to buy a truck since update stuck as company driver only if i do not want game to crash.

  21. lukev8 says:

    where do i get that skin from

  22. nigel says:

    I have had no trouble with this it works fine

  23. Condor says:

    How can i fix this?
    How to open?

  24. Robikin says:

    Nice map, thank you. but I found the Bug toll gate marocco.

  25. Condor says:

    gate in tunis cant open to

  26. Richard says:

    Picked up first trailer and no red lines on navigator?

  27. Harley Barros says:

    No red lines on navigator

    • TomaSis says:

      I don’t have that issue so must be from your side, SCS made major changes in some trucks so maybe can be from that

  28. Tasos says:

    Can an member of the TSM team contact me?I have fixed some bugs on the map.

  29. TomaSis says:

    all bugs are reported in forum and the Team is aware of them so in the next release they will be fix

  30. Richard says:

    The navigator works fine on euro rebuild map and dlc just not tsm.. And using 1.5 so think it’s a bug in your game … Worked in earlier version

  31. gavin says:

    Ok i’m gettig this when i try to extractte files……. Any help will be billiant an ave also downloaded it twice! sC:\Users\Gav\Downloadts\TSM_Map_4_1_0 .7z: Unknown method in TSM-Map_4_X_def&mat.scs
    ! C:\Users\Gav\Downloads\TSM_Map_4_1_0 .7z: Unknown method in TSM-Map_4_X_map.scs
    ! C:\Users\Gav\Downloads\TSM_Map_4_1_0 .7z: Unknown method in TSM-Map_4_X_model.scs
    ! C:\Users\Gav\Downloads\TSM_Map_4_1_0 .7z: Error – operation failed

  32. justis says:

    Hello guys, there is a problem in Truck Sim v4.1.0 when i drive through slovenia and driving down in some town( dont remember town name) my game crashes. The question is, are there any fix or update to solve my problem? 🙂

    • Genooyd says:

      That your game crashes is much too vague. Please check for a serious error at the bottom of the gamelog.

  33. Navi says:

    I have steam version of the game, also I purchased the Going East DLC few weeks ago. With this map pack I constantly experience crash in the middle of driving. Can someone tell me if this is a bug or mods conflicts? Most of my mods are by TSM too….

  34. Great map guys, check out a little video with some mods:

    Hope you enjoy… happy trucking

  35. Andy says:

    Does this mod work with the Scandinavian map installed too?

  36. Yurchebas says:

    I have a problem. My truck changed a color to pink. How can it be solved?

  37. Arnold says:

    My truck turned pink also.
    I painted it back to black and it changed to pink again after a while 🙁

    • Genooyd says:

      According to a zmodeler3 forum: If you get a shader or texture problem in the game (red/pink model) or an error that the engine can’t open specific material or texture file in read mode, the problem is potentially in a wrong Origin value set when the export was made.

      So You have to contact the author of the truck.

      • Yurchebas says:

        I drive in ooriginal Scania but I have some non-original trucks in shops. Can it be a reason?

        • Genooyd says:

          Well, if you Google on “ets2 & pink” two results jump out: 1) its a texture_base error 2) you have a cracked game.

          Let’s assume you have problem 1.
          Did you check the gamelog for texture errors?

  38. Hello all

    Here is a gameplay video with new DLC:

    Works good on

    Good luck and keep up the good work!

  39. andrew says:

    is there a mod to have automatic paytoll (like telepass) for a no stop payment?

  40. human says:

    Good you ask this, my knowledege is dont have any this kind of mod maybe but I dont belive is this mod exist

  41. chrisus says:

    I’ve got some problem I don’t no, what could I do wrong but I can’t see Gyor… :/

  42. Chris says:

    Drove from Casablanca heading to tangier but toll gates will not open just south of tangier
    The green squares are missing.

    • Frank says:

      Going thru broken toll gates is easy. Just wait for a car to come, get very close to it and follow them thru the gate.

  43. Zhahoniss says:

    How can you upload something on That is extremely slow. Do you still have another link? is very fast.

  44. Darijus says:

    It’s impossible free dowload this mod from
    Anybody knows some other download link?

  45. errick_danyyel says:

    The link is not good, anyway I will waiting for the TSM 5x

  46. Chris says:

    Does anyone know if this map works with the new 1.6 patch ?

  47. Nuno Correia says:

    I think i find a bug… My trailer disappears over and over again… I lost trailer and the job! It’s a bug?

  48. Hakkebøf says:

    Hi Chris. Works fine, in my game. 1.6 patch

  49. 2x2 says:

    new version is released 4.1.2 for 1.6 patch
    max speed:

  50. Chris says:

    Game crash when clicking on job market icon in certain cities, can still driven into a yard & get a job that way.

  51. EddyCJ says:

    When I reach to Hebira to the LKW Log, I can’t enter…the gates are closed and there is no way I can enter there…is this a bug or is something what was forgotten to be made correctly?

  52. EddyCJ says:

    Thanks very much!

  53. JAYANTH says:

    is there any other link to download this easier

  54. Flynn says:

    I have seen a bug, i was flying from Roma to tripolis and my truck spawned perpendicular to the road and then it just glitched out, tossing and turning in the air, and it was stuck and damaged.

  55. gamadita3 says:

    company’s Gates at El Hamma is closed. how i suppose to open it?

  56. Alex says:

    Will I lose the exploration of the cities of 1.3?

  57. max says:

    comment se servir du site de telechargement de truck sim map 4.1.0

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