Truck skin pack V1.0


By 50K , Jules3DArt


15 thoughts on “Truck skin pack V1.0

  1. This file reached max downloads limit

  2. This file reached max downloads limit

  3. Freddy Jimmink

    Luckaly it does reach download limit because van Triest and Fleurs vd Eijkel skin are stolen!

  4. I want to download a file, sure

  5. Why can you guys use MediaFire,, ZippyShare, and instead you use this bullshit sites…I can’t understand this…

  6. Mr.ZorgBorg

    hey my dear friend, looks amazing! Now i woundering if there is any chance to reupload this pack to difrent uploader like zippshared at least there you can downlaod and no problems at all!

    But looks very nice!! Or if you can only upload as separate trucks for exemple that white Scania looks nice! I would love to do some videos with it 🙂

    Best Regards Mr.ZorgBorg

    FRAZZLE SNAZZLE, BLeeble BLabble Hehehe!

  7. BenoitLeVivariens

    Thanks 🙂

  8. \This file reached max downloads limit.\

    Why do not use the usual servers like mediafire,, etc?

  9. Зачем нужно так всё заморачивать,почему нельзя сделать всё попроще?Как теперь скачать его?

  10. Excellent! THX!!!!!!

  11. This file reached max downloads limit

  12. guys just set uyp a free account on it I did and it worked 🙂

  13. Bad ¬!!! put this mod on other server to download. thx!

  14. Jztrucking

    When a mod stealer stole from another mod stealer, this is so funny ! 😀

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