Truck Sound Pack – Pack de Sons V2.0 by Nescau

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Hello Guys !!!

First of all, it`s me pleasure have your download of this truck sound pack named Pack de Som V2.1 by Nescau for ETS2 1.39 !!!
The most complete engine sound pack for all SCS trucks and lot of truck mods !!!

See below instructions and how configurate right to work fine




Truck Mods
Any Other Sound Mod


SETUP SOUND GAME (Sound Options)

ENGINE TRUCK VOLUME – Increase or decrease engine truck sound.
EXHAUST TRUCK VOLUME – Enable or Disable turbo blow-off valve, you can increase or decrease this valve volume sound.
TRUCK SOUND EFFECTS – Increase or decrease air brake, gear air and grind, horn`s, air horns and revere signal.

BLOW-OFF VALVE – When you enable this sound, him only work when throttle up to 70%, early than this, blow-off valve keep off.



2 thoughts on “Truck Sound Pack – Pack de Sons V2.0 by Nescau

  1. A lot of video but I couldn’t hear a single sound 🙁

  2. This mod is work!

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