Truck Template 3rd UVmap for all trucks


UVmap is the new skins template introduced by SCS from 1.9.x patch.
I made 3rd UVmap templates only from original SCS truck.
Please note:
1. If you using this template, you can’t text-ed all parts of truck, except the back of the cab.
2. If you using this template, don’t forget to adding the code in your skin definition flie “alternate_uvset: true”
3. And please do not reupload on other websites!



4 thoughts on “Truck Template 3rd UVmap for all trucks

  1. fachri2000 you did a great job
    I had tested this type of template but are very limited to create real skin
    what do you think about it?

  2. tuanklnew

    thank you bro. It’s very helpful for my skin projects ! -JOEY MARKOV

  3. HenriqueSantos

    thanks 😉

  4. When will be published alternate UVset for ATS?

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