Truck & Trailer Parking Symbol

Parking-Symbol-1 Parking-Symbol-2

Truck & Trailer Parking Symbol (1.21.x)

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Author: BLiNKT


5 thoughts on “Truck & Trailer Parking Symbol

  1. the author,, mwl4, Kru 129, left open the mod
    you have copied and modified blocked the mod
    add the credits of the original author.
    I unlocked the mod and thrown in the toilet

    1. kiLLer Modding

      this modder , called “blinkt” lock all of his files, this is not a modder job, to lock files… modding is a community where we can help us together, this is just a kid.

  2. I can not stand: who blocks the mods created with ETS2 study (free software for all), who replicates the model of other authors and then blocks them and do not add credits.
    I have learned to create the skin looking the mods of other authors

    1. BLiNKT is not a modder, he’s a fvcking moron that calls himself a modder. He is pathetic.

      1. Who its say im modder?Im not modder i just make mods for hobby nothing more!About symbol mods i forgot enter author name sorry for this mistake but next time i will enter author!
        About locked files…not only me lock files some modders and mod creators lock own mods i nowhere say you cant unlock it or edit my mods i do not know why people attack me with bad comments if i just want make something for people i know i not enter author name but i will add it next time…Some people start making own mods with other mods and then just reedit it and publish this is how i learn make mods i first try reedit some mods and when i know how make mod than i make really my own mod!So please leave me alone because i want only good for people

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