Truck transporter cargo pack v3

This mod adding Cargo for Truck Transporter Trailer, with another Truck and cabin type like:
DAF XF-CF-E6 , Iveco, MAN, Scania, Volvo, Renault Magnum, Premium, MB Actros, MP4,MB AXOR
The Trailer are available in:
BCP, FCP, Lkwlog, Posped, Stokes, Tradeaux, Transinet, Volvo Dealer, and Scania Dealer.
Ai Enabled
Tested version 1.27

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4 thoughts on “Truck transporter cargo pack v3

  1. Thank you for this Pack.
    BUT: for more Realism the Cabins should be face at face.
    Also for a better Distribution of the Weight.

    1. If you look at the in-games truck transporter trailers (scania and volvo), they are laid out on the trailer just like this mod is.

      1. That can be, but I´ve been Trucker more than 25 Years and we all Time loading Cabin to Cabine
        You know DeRooy in Netherland? 😉

  2. Please can you create a mod of the new DAF CF E6 and old DAF CF 85. Can’t find any mods for 1.27 anywhere! Would be much appreciated.

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