Truckers Map R40

Truckers-Map-R-40-1 Truckers-Map-R-40-2 Truckers-Map-R-40-3 Truckers-Map-R-40-4 Truckers-Map-R-40-5

Fully detailed fictitious Nakhodka Vladivostok Artem Ussuri – Sibirtsevo – Spassk -Far – Kirov – Lesozavodsk – Hutou – Bikin – Vyazemskij – Khabarovsk – Mykolaivka – Smidovich – Birobidzhan – Londoño – Obluch’e – Arkhara – Bureya – Zavitinsk – Belogorsk – Blagoveshchensk – Seryshevo – Free – Uglegorsk – Shimanovsk – Mukhino – Sivaki – Ushumum – Tygda – Magdagachi – etc to Yakutsk and to Kyubyume ..
Map only held in people’s lives, from 20 years for those who do not pull with family recently, and whines that the games should be free.

Author: goba6372


64 Responses to Truckers Map R40

  1. Angyalfoldi says:

    Download link ?

  2. PallMall says:

    why ????

    you can read —> DOWNLOAD 239 MB

  3. DmitryS says:

    This fake!

  4. jose says:

    ¿Lo puedo instalar teniendo el TruckSim Mapa v 4.5.9?

  5. PLATON 33Rus says:

    R28 по размерам файлов. (Это реклама)

  6. Farposstru says:

    R28 и есть((( 19.10.2013

  7. Angyalfoldi says:

    does not work. 🙁

  8. carsten says:

    NOT WORKING!!!!!!!as always this ugly ####

  9. Владимир says:

    это r28 и она работает на

  10. Fred_be says:

    It is always a joke maps Goba it never works the videos are fake

    • Roadrunner says:

      It’s not a Fake,i tested nearly all Maps of Goba,only pussy’s can’t drive on Goba Maps.Thats for hard driver’s and not pussy’s.It’s sometimes difficult,but if you want the easy Version,then buy a Bobby Car to train yourself.

    • Andrea Farian says:

      Fred_be,you nope,if you to stupid to install correctly,the shame is on you,and not Goba.I testet nearly all Maps from Goba,they work,and it’s sometimes a hard work to drive,cause so much snow.

  11. MrRigu98 says:

    This map works! Good job again goba 😉

  12. ClassicDutchTrucker says:

    Looks interesting.

    I’ll give it at shot.

  13. ClassicDutchTrucker says:


  14. Threassaw says:

    the last truckers map worked for once, but also how the other crashes this one after the second mission from, for no reason. always after 5 minutes.

  15. Dada says:

    The card is issued under certain conditions …
    for getting original card, contact the author on Skype goba6372

  16. jumbo15 says:

    it takes a 1 yr to load WTF

  17. MG says:

    The Map is good it just crashs is the alone think that’s wrong

  18. TheHDStrelok says:

    IST R28 ¬¬

  19. marty says:

    maybe i would download it if you dont have to start a new profile, thats not funny because you’ve to start all over then.
    it also doesnt work properly, even if i dont use TSM

  20. AgainstAllOddsz says:

    max 1st bastard here and ####### master

  21. Jens says:

    Have started a new profile but it does not work. Someone an idea?

  22. klever says:

    Here is the major problem:
    Mipmapping is not supported for npot texture: ‘/goba6372/region/’.
    If you rename _dlc_east.scs and you wait 30 min it’s work.

    • Dada says:

      What it rename? and what wait 30 min, loading?

      • klever says:

        Tis map wors only without DC.If you rename the dc file, the game will’t use it at the new profile. The boot srene time is 30 minutes and you will know it’s works or not.

  23. Ramin says:

    Why does it take so long to load the map, thats a problem I don’t think can be solved

  24. duchy says:

    je tona hovno vždy sem něco dáte a stejně to nejde !!!! dete nekam

  25. daniel says:

    el mapa no funciona

  26. sterren28 says:


  27. sgtblazze says:

    Not work!

  28. neo says:

    fonctionne bien ya juste 10 minutes de chargement la carte est énorme !!

  29. timo says:

    Goba map is always ####!!! VTA map and Valera t maps are much better!!!

  30. ThePlayer says:

    For me is working, just have to wait about 10 minutes to load. Great map.

  31. Иосиф says:

    Это обман, это не r40, это r28 адаптированная под версию игрых

  32. RuNNeR says:

    Volvo power, bitch

  33. kukuk says:

    also bei mir läuft die map flüssig es dauert zwar ca.20 min bis sie geladen ist aber sie geht und das sogar mit mods,bin jetzt schon 4std gefahren!gute arbeit

  34. warfreak says:

    your GPS is useless….#####!

  35. mosi551 says:

    Hi, I download the maps, but when I’m working up the Menu Map does not match
    Error steam could, what should I do?

  36. Poland Driver says:

    loading with faster SSD drive – 2 minutes…
    maps very big… almost all Russia
    game frequently crashes
    textures trucks are often damaged…

    delete this map

  37. PLATON 33Rus says:

    Напишу коротко как загрузить более быстро R28 Нам нужен архиватор для удаление файла например: WinRar или же другой Путь удаление файла (map.scs)>(map)>(russia)будет много файлов нам нужен (sec+0000-0023.desc)его удалить.Загрузка 2-3 мин.

  38. zaky aha says:

    i download it but i never see off road?

  39. zaky aha says:

    did not work !!

  40. Amy S says:

    Not working on Steam account…….Useless to download…….

  41. ForTheVoyeur says:

    I am trying to play this, but its loads about 10% and then stalls. i try to alt tab and then the game stops working and i have to restart it 🙁

    I am using the 1.9 patch, im assuming it could well be that. if this is the case, are there plans to update the mod?

  42. Jimmy says:

    I’ve played this mod in both the old ETS2 format, like 1.3 or so, and in the 1.8.2 or whatever we’re actually at, these days, and it pretty much plays the same. I don’t speak Russian, so I don’t understand his video, but I watched the lower of the two videos, where it shows him driving around somewhere between Yakutsk and Magadan, then opened the map in the editor, and there is nothing in there that resembles his video. Is that a video foretelling future additions, or did he just upload the wrong map, or am I missing something else?

  43. jirakij says:

    how to install
    i did stall but it not working

  44. Vista says:

    Anyone can help me? When i play this map mod, it’s always show “App Crash”. How to fix it? Please help me

  45. Рус says:

    у видео дарог невидна а у меня видна што ето???

  46. quetedengoba says:

    all maps of goba are one botched job.

  47. amirali750 says:

    hi for ver 1.10,1

  48. Pffft says:

    another shitty map that completely doesn’t work

  49. Dany Boyle says:

    For all those who are unable to play this map Goba 40 38 and 36 on v1.8 or other versions…………then please try it on ETS2 V1.7 or v1.7.1 or v1.7.1s……

    i too got frustrated first when the game lasted for only just 5mins.then i tried it on 1.7 and it works fine and im playing for hours now

    for all those who love realistic roads and trucking please please try the Goba map 40 and be patient for the game to load it takes about 15-20 mins.

  50. Dany Boyle says:

    pleASE DONT leave bad comments on Goba author for his great effort regarding this map.

    try it on v1.7
    new profile
    enable goba map mods
    select russia.mdb
    wait for the game to load 15-20 mins

  51. Aaron says:

    pls make left hand road.

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