Truckers Map (very hard Map)

Fully detailed fictitious Nakhodka Vladivostok Artem Ussuri – Sibirtsevo – Spassk -Far – Kirov – Lesozavodsk – Hutou – Bikin – Vyazemskij – Khabarovsk – Mykolaivka – Smidovich – Birobidzhan – Londoño – Obluch’e – Arkhara – Bureya – Zavitinsk – Belogorsk – Blagoveshchensk – Seryshevo – Free – Uglegorsk – Shimanovsk – Mukhino – Sivaki – Ushumum – Tygda – Magdagachi – etc to Yakutsk and to Kyubyume. Map only held in people’s lives, from 20 years for those who do not pull with family recently, and whines that the games should be free.



9 thoughts on “Truckers Map (very hard Map)

  1. I did exactly how was described in Read Me, but still my game, crashing.

    So, did anyone managed, how to install this mod?
    I tried even with a new profile

  2. scania_vabis

    this mod is for version 1.15

    1. Wow, but why the uploader din not mentioned this??

    2. AlexCrazy

      this mod really is for version

  3. Also this is NOT the actual Truckers Map by Goba.. If you watch him on Youtube you can see him actually create the map. Also 116mb for “Truckers Map” No, way too small of a file.

    Yes there are free versions, but they are unfinished and bug ridden. I may download this to actually see what on earth is inside..

    “The Harsh Russian/Baikal” is the free/possibly leaked Truckers Map, not this.

  4. I don’t sure, But maybe we need turn off all DLC’s, before run the game?

  5. This is not truckers map,this map is nederland.

  6. eSpyrations*****

    Salve maninho flw

  7. the turk hooman

    support 1.33 ?

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