Truckjunkie 143 fixed for version 1.35

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Sadly the author stopped the support of this mod but I found it too sad to let it go so I updated it to 1.35.
I made sure to leave the original mod intact and respect the authors work, so do not expect any new addons, I mean, It’s not called a fix version without a reason.

When you do want to share it, please do not change the link.

TBL 3d truck custom


10 thoughts on “Truckjunkie 143 fixed for version 1.35

  1. polltrans ets2

    Nice work, but does the author know of this?

  2. Can you give me the goods of this truck?

  3. It is not completely updated version 1.35. Here are the problems: We need repair mirrors we do not see the carrier behind the cab we just see the wheels and also collision problem his tape everywhere when we roll especially in turns and downhill. You really have to repair everything

    1. polltrans ets2

      there are more than enough people that can fix this, nobody wants do that however because of the copyright.

  4. please do the Hymer BKlasse camper motorhome. There is in AI Traffic. THANKS

  5. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…
    orginal autors

  6. Roadhunter

    No pivot point,bad!!!

    1. not the pope

      yeah that’s a shame, but the “fixer” says that he didn’t want to change the base of the mod.

  7. old mod trailer is not working steering…. old like 1.25 version no pivot point hahaha fake

    1. TBL Custom did not put a pivot. It’s a year that makes it and since it is made public it puts it more up to date. Have to find someone to fix all the problem

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