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– 2 Cabin
– 2 Chasiss
– Interior
– More 5 Slot
– DLC Cabin work fine
– Standalone
– AO Texture
– Adapted for 1.23.x
Credits:Taina95, Mr.Poland, Ahaneim, Sanya, Sentaku Peter

Mercedes Actros Mp4 V1.12
Thank you
original models: SCS Software
moders team poland, Team Fra-Modding, Diablo,davidzoli, 50K,aslan 808, ?????????,Rjl Evgeny Parshin, Jekich1
Skin: MinJot, EviL, speedy143, MDModding
Changelog 1.11-> 1.12
– Added new Slot
– Many Addons
– And More …
Scania R420 v 1.8
Changelog V1.7 -> V1.8
– 1 Cabin
– 1 Chasiss
– DLC Cabin work fine
– Standalone
– Adapted for 1.24.x

Credits: Taina95 Maxim Gerasenko,Makaron, Riczko, Szeryff123, Anaheim, Mr.Poland, Michalec , moders team poland

Volvo FH12 v 1.7
Changelog V1.6 -> V1.7
– Add 2 Chassis 6×2-4a + 6×2-taglift
– Add Bumper [3 Type ]
– Add LightBox [3 Type ]
– And More
Respect Link
Credits: Taina95

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3



8 thoughts on “TRUCKS PACK V1.24 BY TAINA95

  1. Taina95, v1.23 or v1.24??

  2. goktugmen

    is P 1.24? I mean advanced coupling?

  3. this is for 1.24 ! this for 1.23 1

  4. Advanced trailer coupling not working with MP4 5th wheel colision’s on truck seems to be to high

  5. FragmaniaGame

    Scania P360 1080p HD Test Video;

  6. alaskabaer01

    MP 5 lässt sich vom WINRAR nicht entpacken

  7. alaskabaer01

    MP4 nicht 5

  8. RodrigoAraujo

    Hi Taina95

    I have a problem with the 01.12 version of the Actros Mp4. When I choose the engine 650 and 670hp, no sound on the truck. Can you help me with this?

    Thanks a lot

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