Trucksim Map v 2.1

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– 38 new cities in Italy, France, Hungary, Germany, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Lybia
– Adapted gasoil prices in all countries
– New signs done over the map build by us
– More life on the road
– Different start modes
– Many extra mods setted to run with the map like new trucks, more engines, more trailers and so on- This are the links to our map, which we let on basical status and open, so that builders can fill in their stuff. If you want you can use our additional packs for the map.
– Rich: You start the game with 100.000€
– Extra rich: You start the game with 10.000.000€
– Streetsurfers Trailerpack
– This mod adds streetsurfers extratrailer to the map in addition to this mod we made a little real company mod to use together with this mod not to be used with the just play mod
– This pack contains at about 200 trailers, the last tc-mod, additional trucks like the MPIV and the Axor from Danz, the Peterbilt from Undomer, our engine and all accessory free mod, chip tuned engines, a real company mod, adeguated economics, real logo for mercedes brand by Womble and many other things. In future we will add other things like truckshop from maghetto and other things. Cause using other mods from other mothers with their permition we locked the .scs of this files.
– No speed limit mod
– With this mod your trucks have no speed limt set.

Runs under ETS2 1.3/1.3.1, compatibility to is not guaranted older savegames are not comaptible

Author: TSM Team



74 thoughts on “Trucksim Map v 2.1

  1. So if I install this map I have to start over with a new game?

  2. i cant download please link !!!!

  3. I put the map in and there is no 200+trailer tc mod?

  4. what different with tsm v2.0

  5. Pleas Lithuanian Country and Vilnius – kaunas city’s incert in map.. 🙂

  6. kentworthw900trucker

    dont work 🙁

    1. Don’t work here also

  7. kentworthw900trucker


    1. You need 1.3.1.. Read it..

  8. Ha, I just finished discovering every recruitment agency in TSM2.0 and despite their claims that future updates would be compatible with 2.0, we have to start a new profile for 2.1.
    Thanks but no thanks. I’ll be passing on this. 2.0 works fine for me. No way in hell am I starting yet another new profile for a minor update.

    1. TSM MAP UPDATE V 2.0 TO V 2.1 this is fo you!

      read it again!! and again intro has not whole txt!!

  9. sick of starting new profiles never gonna get any where

  10. This map is full of bugs.

  11. The fixed map is available in two versions.

    •For those who have already installed the 2.0 version , you can download the “TSM_Map_2.0a.7z” provided. The 7z unzip and replace the “TSM_Map_2.0.scs” in modfolder. then it’s not a new profile and restarting the game required.

    •Who installed the map yet, can not download the “TSM_Map_2.1.7z.” This must (!) a new profile can be created. Otherwise, follow the instructions from the version 2.0!

    1. mak eu th este mapa so tenho um problema e gostava da sua ajuda por favor é k não consigo por nenhum dos outro mods do mapa k nem o das empresas nem o das cargas pesadas será k me pode explicar como faço isso pois toda a vez k ponho um desses mods dá erro obrigada

  12. So finally who have the 2.0 TSM installed don’t need to restart the game with the 2.0a update right??

  13. I wonder if they fixed the glitch that caused all the crashes,and total computer restarts i went thru on 2.0. we shall all find out soon.

    1. Well here is my results for trying 2.1, NO better. it crashes with no other mods, on lowest graphics setting. I am using windows XP sp3, It is probably the reason. sooooo loooong Truck Sim org. Im gone.It doesn’t make a difference where I drive even on 6 lane roads.

  14. were i can find the other mods?

  15. Just installed it started a new profile and i cant see any different city’s than in 2.0 and the trailers are the game trailers. has something gone wrong.

  16. I put 2.1 version but I cant find start mods I create new acc but nothing.I only have that mod on 1.3.1 version but I can find any other mod accept new towns.

    Can someone help me.

    Thank you.

  17. As 2.0 don’t work… 2.1 also don’t work… has any a option for it?

  18. I see barcelona/madrid etc etc on new map, are they not driveable yet?

    I guess there will be another update with them spanish cities included….

  19. This map are the biggest Trash ever when men will drive Europe can men be drive the Standard Map then men can’t to Afica…

  20. Trailers and mp 4 won’t work, 2.1 crashes, and 2.0a is working, but trailers mp 4 and other features won’t work

  21. carnt start in spain and in my old save game carnt deliver to any of new the new places

  22. ok not to be rude but i like 2.0 better and it works if you increase memory pool mine is set to 600 and not a crash yet also the hell with all that extra #### if i wanted it i’d install it my self soo no on this mod also the fun i had with steam using truck mods like hell i’m adding a map / trailer / truck mod all in one

  23. Okay, after much deliberation I decided to get the “upgrade” from 2.0 to 2.1
    I’ve been driving on 2.0 since the day it was released and it has some problems but nothing game breaking in my situation.
    I was in the middle of a run from El Hamma to Casablanca when I saved last. Then I grabbed 2.1 I started the game, continued my save and fell into space.
    Ctrl+Alt+Delete, stop the game, delete the “upgrade” (I’m smart enough to have kept the original 2.0) and everything is fine.
    2 big honkin’ thumbs down for this. If you’re playing 2.0 and not crashing, leave it alone. It’s not perfect but it’s better than the stock map.

  24. For the record I have an Intel i7 2600 CPU @3.4 ghz, 12 gigs of ram and an XFX Radeon HD 7870 video card with 2 gigs of ram.
    In the game properties I have added this “- mm_pool_size 1600” to the end of the line. I can’t find much info on how this works exactly, but it helps.
    Many thanks to the developers of this map. It adds a new dimension to the original game.
    I spend so much time in Africa that I’ve started calling the game “Afro Truck Simulator”. ‘-)

    1. stefan1294

      Where, exactly?

  25. Thx, but no thx. The game still crashes. With v2.0 it crashed after I’ve selected the town for my company. Now it crashes just before that. When will this guy release a good version of TSM Map that works without any memory add-ons or w7 requirement? If you make maps for yourself, keep it for yourself mate!

  26. Hey
    There ain’t any trailers som of the other mods, only the map… 🙁 how can it be, do I have to download the other mods beside the map, and if sow, where can I then find them??

    1. Kenworth W900

      I also want to know that , I cant find ex the Peterbilt truck and I am still missing the 200 trailers , am I doing something wrong ??

  27. 2.0 works well, 2.1 works well, so those who cant get it work, mod is ok so fault may be somewhere else place… that text on “info” is not right! that 200 trailers u get same way like tsm 2.0!!

    right info u get my post on March 7, 2013 at 4:09 pm !!

    1. As long as the default map and any other map (except the TSM v2 and v2.1 of course) works, then the problem is TSM, not me or my PC!

  28. It works well except for the fact that it’s limited at 90 kmh. I thought it had no speed limit mod built in? Very annoying not being able to pass anyone, not even trucks. They’re so fast with this mod too :/

  29. Just unzip the .scs file when you get it. (rename it .zip and unzip)
    Open Def\Game Data.sii with notepad.
    Change “Truck Speed Limit” to 240.0 (that’s km/h)
    Change anything else you like. I changed the cab volume from 5% of exterior level to 50%. Now it sounds like I’m driving with the windows down.
    Use Winrar to rezip (everything, not just the file you changed) with no compression (store setting)
    Zip files as .zip not .rar and change the extension to .scs

    1. ETS2 supports compression on .scs files, it saves a ton of space.

      1. The first time I tried it, I had no idea what I was doing and I compressed the files. Map didn’t work. At all. Rezipped with no compression and it works fine.
        The amount of space the map takes up is inconsequential with modern hard drives.

  30. Here’s a video of me testing the map when I first got it.
    I was disgusted to find a limiter on it. What a way to ruin all those new, wide open roads. I had it fixed in 5 minutes.

  31. If press M in 75% of the game has crashed. Why?

  32. Map works,other mods you can find here:

    Nice work!!!

  33. how do i get trailers to work any one help please.and i have to start a new game tryed 2.0a and saves still dont work well thay do but carnt deliver to any new citys

  34. 🙁 dont work 🙁

  35. I can’t drive in Hungary (Gyor). Game has crashes. Car numbers are not generated. Perhaps because of this. 🙁

      1. Log file with error on this place”

        00:00:08.239 : game
        00:00:08.707 : [bullet] Starting physics server: Bullet
        00:00:09.030 : Loaded trailers: 75
        00:00:09.046 : Loaded small traffic vehicles: 27
        00:00:09.047 : Loaded truck traffic vehicles: 8
        00:00:09.049 : Loaded traffic trailers: 15
        00:00:09.050 : Loaded addon hookups: 16
        00:00:09.055 : Loading resource server data ….
        00:00:09.055 : Loading road data ….
        00:00:09.072 : Loading terrain data ….
        00:00:09.089 : Loading railing data ….
        00:00:09.105 : Loading building data ….
        00:00:09.122 : Loading model data ….
        00:00:09.139 : Loading prefab data ….
        00:00:09.605 : Loading sign data ….
        00:00:09.639 : Loading traffic lights data ….
        00:00:09.655 : Loading vegetation data ….
        00:00:09.672 : Loading hinges data ….
        00:00:09.689 : Loading stamp data ….
        00:00:09.705 : Loading movers data ….
        00:00:09.722 : Loading ferry data ….
        00:00:09.739 : Loading country data ….
        00:00:09.755 : Loading sound item data ….
        00:00:09.772 : Loading live stream data ….
        00:00:09.789 : Loading trigger action data ….
        00:00:09.806 : Loading cutscene data ….
        00:00:09.822 : Loading cargo data ….
        00:00:09.828 : Loading company data ….
        00:00:09.839 : Loading city data ….
        00:00:09.922 : Map ‘/map/europe.mbd’ loading started ….
        00:00:11.123 : Map successfully loaded.
        00:00:11.159 : Map initialization started ….
        00:00:11.260 : Map initialization finished.
        00:00:11.260 : Map load time: 1338ms (104 MB)
        00:00:12.707 : Detail vegetation database is ready.
        00:00:13.259 : Game init finished. (165 MB)
        00:01:24.452 : [startup] spawned 12 vehicles
        00:01:26.183 : [startup] spawned 3 vehicles
        00:01:26.218 : [startup] spawned 2 vehicles
        00:01:26.267 : [startup] spawned 2 vehicles
        00:01:26.346 : [startup] spawned 1 vehicles
        00:01:26.367 : [startup] spawned 1 vehicles
        00:01:26.401 : [startup] spawned 3 vehicles
        00:01:26.567 : [startup] spawned 1 vehicles
        00:01:27.151 : [startup] spawned 1 vehicles
        00:01:28.319 : [startup] spawned 1 vehicles
        00:01:28.503 : [startup] spawned 1 vehicles
        00:01:28.536 : [startup] spawned 2 vehicles
        00:02:54.249 : ui t console:system_02
        00:02:54.249 : [ui] (t) console:system_02 could not be created/found
        00:02:55.655 : pause
        00:03:32.782 : pause
        00:04:19.492 : Creating save-game file (/home/profiles/47/save/autosave_job/game.sii) …
        00:04:19.553 : Game has been auto-saved.
        00:04:22.418 : [startup] spawned 44 vehicles
        00:04:22.952 : [startup] spawned 19 vehicles
        00:04:47.844 : [map] A vehicle tried to enter a road item with NO_TRAFFIC flag! (Position: [8935 50 15981])
        00:04:51.303 : [map] A vehicle tried to enter a road item with NO_TRAFFIC flag! (Position: [8935 50 15981])
        00:04:54.872 : [map] A vehicle tried to enter a road item with NO_TRAFFIC flag! (Position: [8935 50 15981])
        00:05:04.364 : [map] A vehicle tried to enter a road item with NO_TRAFFIC flag! (Position: [8935 50 15981])
        00:05:07.577 : [map] A vehicle tried to enter a road item with NO_TRAFFIC flag! (Position: [8935 50 15981])
        00:05:52.153 : [map] A vehicle tried to enter a road item with NO_TRAFFIC flag! (Position: [8935 50 15981])
        00:06:03.695 : [map] A vehicle tried to enter a road item with NO_TRAFFIC flag! (Position: [8935 50 15981])
        00:06:04.519 : [map] A vehicle tried to enter a road item with NO_TRAFFIC flag! (Position: [8935 50 15981])
        00:06:16.685 : [map] A vehicle tried to enter a road item with NO_TRAFFIC flag! (Position: [8936 50 15981])
        00:06:19.649 : [map] A vehicle tried to enter a road item with NO_TRAFFIC flag! (Position: [8936 50 15981])
        00:06:19.838 : Per shape substances are currently unsupported
        00:06:19.838 : Per shape substances are currently unsupported
        00:06:19.838 : Per shape substances are currently unsupported
        00:06:19.838 : Per shape substances are currently unsupported
        00:06:19.838 : Per shape substances are currently unsupported
        00:07:00.732 : Per shape substances are currently unsupported
        00:07:00.732 : Per shape substances are currently unsupported
        00:07:00.732 : Per shape substances are currently unsupported
        00:07:00.732 : Per shape substances are currently unsupported
        00:07:00.732 : Per shape substances are currently unsupported
        00:07:54.524 : Creating save-game file (/home/profiles/47/save/autosave_drive/game.sii) …
        00:07:54.581 : Game has been auto-saved.

  36. cant drive to eny city my game crashes all the time
    and i cant open crash-log with notepad need help

  37. where can i download the oversize load Trailers?

  38. Boy these mods can be a trial and error nightmare. I finally downloaded 2.1 map mod from another site, and now i have no problems I even got to see the chicken cross the road so I guess the problem was the mod file and not windows xp sp3 as I ranted in mar 7. It pays to be patient, so those who are ready to trown in the towel try,try,try again. But who know what will happen with the next update?

    1. there is already publish 2.1.1 what fix some bugs…

      1. Where i can find it?

  39. I think map has a memory problem
    As when you play it all works fine for say driving about 180 k on a 1200 k trip.
    If at around this point if you do not stop game and then reload IT WILL crash and you are back a lot of ks in your trip that you once again that you have to drive again.
    However if you exist game and restart every say 150k it will not crash right to the end of trip.
    This never happen in main game map.
    Very nice mod put this problem makes it unplayable for me.
    Is there any work around to fix this problem??

    1. You need to assign more RAM memory to the game

  40. It appears now a conflict with 2 different trailer packs that do not like each other was the cause of problems with this new map 2.1
    This new map is a outstanding work that you need to try my hats off to the people who made this.

    Just be aware that conflict with mods is a real concern that can cause all kinds of problems that is not always clear from where problem is coming from or related to this mod or any other.

    So as been said when using this new map start with no other mods but map 2.1 and slowly add your mods back into game and test.
    If there is a conflict it will show up and you will know the mod that caused problem.

    If you play all your mods at once you are asking for a large problem that you will have no idea on which mod is causing problem.

    To all mod makers you really need to list and make very clear on what your mod changes in game be-size say a trailer texture pack that has hidden in it changes to game play that will conflict with other mods doing same things to game.

    Just like the people who made TSM_Map_2.1 any changes to game play were in another mod and the same pointed out.

    Nice work guys

    1. Amen to that. I wish modders would just put ANY info with their mods sometimes.
      I spend more time testing mods to see what they do and if they’ll crash the game than I do driving.

  41. lost my trailer close to italy called 911 and was respawned in a city close to the italian border then the game crashed. and everytime i start the game back up and push the drive botten the game crashes the second i get into my truck why is that. drove for 4 hours straight with no problem and now this happens. how do i open crash-log cant with notepad or eny other textprogram

  42. log-file open with notepad easy
    c:\Documents and Settings\Admin\….\Euro Truck Simulator 2\ game.log

    For any of you who are having problems driving in hungary, there is a major flaw that has been found
    and remedied by a mod from tsm. It is called mod 2.1.1 and can be found on the forum for tsm. This mod includes some programing left out that was found by users. It seems to work. It has stopped all the major computer crashes I was having in hungary, But has not been introduced by the site of tsm as a mod. It only works on 2.1 version. It need to be installed right after the map and one or more (z’s) added so it is loaded after the map. It seems that tsm is working to intergrating this mod into version 2.2 and 3.0 which are supposidly in production, but no sign of either yet. I placed this note here so it can be wide spread for all users to see. Now back to driving!

    1. To get the mod you need to be a registered user of tsm at this site( You can also search for it on the net by using
      zzzzzzzzz_Bugfix_TSM2.1_to_2.1.1_Hungary for the search identifier. Hope this helps other frustrated users. I almost trash canned 2.1 altogether before I solved the problem.

    2. I’m still using TSM 2.0. I’ve downloaded 2.1 but haven’t had the need to use it yet. Maybe because I rarely if ever go to Hungary.
      Awesome addition to the game at any rate.

  44. I finally installed TSM2.1, started a new profile and it works perfectly. Thanks – it makes it a new game.

  45. I have 1.3.1s version of ETS2 and its not working :/

  46. On this update, I cant anymore get any job to citiea on Mediterian sea (both and South European and North Afrika??????? ###?

  47. Vous me conseiller de télécharger le premier ou le 2 eme?

    You advise me to download the first or 2nd?

  48. V2.2 is coming…it fix more bugs and do some other changes..

    1. Ok merci beaucoup Mak-Kyver
      Ok merci beaucoup Mak-Kyver

  49. Ok merci beaucoup Mak-Kyver
    Ok thank you very much Mak-Kyver

  50. exist a new map with new missions in it? is very hard to do? please reply!!! thanks!

    1. if mean that my comment, no new things to map (theese coming on V3.0) only bug fixes!! and Maybe streetsurfer bring some new trailers…

  51. New missions? There are no missions in ETS2… And what should be hard to do?

  52. Where to download the trailers?

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  54. achraf002

    best game

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