Trucksim Map v 5.1

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New in 5.1 version:
– No new cities
– The new cities from the SCS patch are not yet integrated into the map, but we work on it
– Now fixed all reported bugs
– Adaptation of the map to the patch 1.11.x

Authors: SCS Software, 50keda, FLD/TZ, kamaz, Reislord, valera_t, satan1990, Königszapfen, 2X2


57 Responses to Trucksim Map v 5.1

  1. Willy says:

    is this the good map ?
    the map TSM released yesterday has a big bug
    that only gives crashes .
    read at the TSM website so far I know they didn`t upload a new version yet .

  2. Nimeni_Altu says:

    if there is no integrated the new city then this is
    WTF? how can they release a version without integrating the new citys from SCS???
    i skip this version!!!!!!!!

    • Axel says:

      Instead of complaining be grateful that people are willing to spend their time making big mods like this and sharing it with us. If you were to wait for SCS you’d be sick of this game within a month.

      • Tribaltech says:

        also less than one month… that people

      • Nimeni_Altu says:

        you right, but better dont release something if is not complete!!! i hate demo’s, and i really dont like to play something what is not finished and even more, with bugs!!! because if there is no all the map will be bugs for sure……. and i dont want to brake my big profil, i dont play 290h for nothing!!! and you right, the original game is very borring!

        • Tribaltech says:

          everyone can do what they want, but the fact remains that this is the best map ever designed for ETS2.

        • Axel says:

          In my opinion its not too soon. They probably realeased this for the people who enjoyed the previous version so much but they were forced by Steam to update. Or they just liked the new features the 1.11 patch had and they missed the big map. So please be more carefull what you say and respect everyone who is supporting en improving this virtual truking community!

        • Dejan says:

          I think they can afford to go without Nimeni Altu lol. Seriously… Some people play saves with TSM. They are glad for this release. As for new cities… It is just three small cities. TSM gives much more. If you think otherwise, then play vanilla. Just I don’t think anyone cares what will be your choice, as it applies to you only.

          • Nimeni_Altu says:

            hey, i have more then 200h played on TSM MAP,
            But i see here everyone is blind
            i say: I WILL WAIT FOR THE NEXT VERSION OF TSM MAP, i dint say nothing wrong about TSM MAP, because for me is the BEST MAP!!!
            this last version of TSM MAP has some issues because of the new city create by SCS,
            in fact:
            they know without TSM MAP their game will be nothing!

          • Dejan says:

            Well all right mate, my point was only that even this version could do the job until we see the proper one. Although it had a big bug, but that seems to be fixed now. Either way, no offense intended surely.

      • Kev-Ski says:

        Well said Axel.

  3. Moonzee says:

    Wohooo! Its here!

  4. Karina says:


    • Nimeni_Altu says:

      hey sweety, i want to know you!

      • Fuh Q says:

        This isn’t datemate you retard, if you want to get a girlfriend then get off your ### and go out and socialize. OK sweetie!

        • Nimeni_Altu says:

          i date your mother in secret so far….
          im tired of her, thats why i want KARINA!

      • Kev-Ski says:

        Lol – Join the que…

  5. Gejan says:

    Wil niet downloaden… ??

    • Willy says:

      dank je / thanks
      hoe bedoel je ?
      how do you mean ?
      oude versie
      old version

  6. ursturbo says:


  7. xsandr says:

    map with bugs, there are flights from the game

  8. Female Trucker says:

    Hi Guys.
    Thankyou for a great map once again, but !! when going for a job, it keeps crashing me back to Desktop, I have to take out the TSM Map Zoom, then I don’t get anymore problems, trouble is ! then I cannot zoom and see all of the map, is there anyway that you could remedy this please? Also !! the number plates in the UK are still of the old type and not the new one’s.
    Thankyou Guys.

    • Tribaltech says:

      the improved weather2.0r3 is active?

      • Female Trucker says:

        Yes it was but !! It isn’t now and yes it now works fine, but !! that still leaves the old UK number plates still to be rectified.

    • Nimeni_Altu says:

      See what i mean????
      A LOT OF BUGS!
      i wait the next version of TSM MAP, is the best but this version is just a crappy ####!

      • Mike says:

        No. You’re just being an ungrateful ####. These modders owe you nothing, you bellicose waste. They do this out of the kindness of their own heart. If you don’t like it, make your own map mod.

    • Tribaltech says:

      the fault is of your mods, disable all mods and try only the TSM Map 5.1, if everything is ok, it’s probably some graphics mod

  9. Tribaltech says:

    …ok, sure you are right…

    are you happy now?

  10. PSR80h17 says:

    Guys, in my opinion, the only thing you should be doing is this: stop complaining to modders and start complaining to SCS, instead. Modders are great people. I am still playing this f… boring game, I mean, the vanilla one, only and only because of the many “well” combined mods. Otherwise, boooooring!!!! SCS, you are boooring, SCS, you are offering me pointless cheap stuff sometimes. And, to get something more interesting, speaking in terms of improvements, I have to wait for eternity. SCS, I am not immortal!!!

    • Nimeni_Altu says:

      Very TRUE! SCS is borring!!!
      I wish other company made this TRUCK’S SIMULATOR games!
      The SCS make games for DX9 when there is DX11! and plus of that they make a HEAVY game for GRAPHIC CARD!
      TSM MAP is the BEST THING for this ETS2!

      • Nimeni_Altu says:

        and i dont complayn, JUST I SAYD:
        – I WILL SKIP THIS VERSION because there are to many bugs!!!
        I LOVE TSM MAP, the modders of the TSM MAP really have imaginations!!!

  11. MacedonianWarrior says:

    When will be relased the Balkan Map ???

  12. BahamutX says:

    good job far are you from adding the new cities?i will be happy to down then and to any guys/girls tuckers pay more respect to these guys making mods.we are lucky becouse these guys could keep the mods for their own enjoyment but decides to share with us instead.maybe thats something for you guys to think about.lols

  13. Theosz says:

    just for make a test I tried to use.

    it seems, really, a beta version to me, with several, several messages on game.log.txt.

    send this game.log.txt to them.

    I’m going back to v1.10 🙂

  14. Female Trucker says:

    BAHAMUTX, This comment is for you, I have total respect for the TSM Modders and the greatest admiration for what they do for the rest of us, to keep this game interesting, I am not criticising them, I was merely pointing out to them the problems I was having and what they missed out, SO !! Please do not put me with some of the people who do moan. Thankyou.

  15. #1Rednecktrucker says:

    Very well put together map. It would be nice too if the russian map went along with this one. Yes it would be nice if the SCS hired the makers of these mods to their department and make the game more interesting and fun like this. Hopefully the upcoming American Sim will be just as good as this one. Heck, this is what’s keeping us playing the game without the multiplayer trolling and ramming riff-raff and boring graphics like everyone else here described.

    • BahamutX says:

      ats will be better,hope they get of their backs and show us some videos soon and the release date.

      • #1Rednecktrucker says:

        For sure man we are all anxiously awaiting for it’s release. At least they can give us a video sneak peek on the game besides the pictures.

  16. GScan says:

    Bravo majstori! Vaša brzina je za svaku pohvalu! Thank U!!

  17. Richard says:

    Doesn’t work. Ik make a new profile and start te game and every time it crashes and it go back to desktop

  18. Alex says:

    My game crashes, Algier to Marseille. I’m wait for new version.

  19. nito says:

    bug, on peut pas aller a Rome, jais prie 10 fois le ferries mais GPS ne donne aucune route a suive donc annuler mission

  20. Tuserraspasmonnom says:

    Moi je le télécharge normalment, après la fin du téléchargement winrar s’ouvre pour décompresser l’archives et la j’ai un message d’erreur qui me mets que l’archives est corrompue par pitier aider moi helping please !!!!!!! (Même les anglais utiliser un traducteur pour me répondre si vous voulez !!! Mais help!!! )

  21. Unmecdelyon says:

    Moi je le télécharge normalment, après la fin du téléchargement winrar s’ouvre pour décompresser l’archives et la j’ai un message d’erreur qui me mets que l’archives est corrompue par pitier aider moi helping please !!!!!!! (Même les anglais utiliser un traducteur pour me répondre si vous voulez !!! Mais help!!! )

  22. jonh says:

    the two links are broken can not download the map will be having another way to download

  23. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx says:

    I need DLC Going East to this map work? Pls answer

  24. puma3086 says:

    video please

  25. Jose G says:

    Lo estaba esperando, gracia desde Venezuela

  26. sami009 says:

    torrent link !!!

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