TruckSim Map v 6.6.2 for patch 1.30.x

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Hi fellow Truckers,

The Trucksim Map Team wishes you a merry christmas with your friends and familys.

Since the new Italy-Addon is available for some time now, it’s to us to release a updated version of our map wich works with Italy-Addon. What date would have been better for release than christmas?

But not only that Italy-Addon’s now working with TSM is a new feature, but also some new parts in map, wich we will not tell you by now, you’ve got to find them yourself.

Again, Trucksim Map wishes you all a merry christmas and a lot of fun unpacking and playing our gift for you.

= =

!Attention! Who would like to continue using the TSM map they needed DLC East, Scandinavia, France and Italy!!!

Changes for Version 6.6.2:
– Update to gamepatch version 1.30.x
– several bugfixes
– several new Things (find it out 😉 )

These Mapversion is only for patch version 1.30.x.!!
These Mapversion can’t be played with the patch version 1.28.X (or before)!

Here are the original links:

Please respect our work! Don’t upload it to other hosters, use always the original links!

Keep on Truckin!


All Trucksim MODS from Trucksim Map Team are offered under
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported Licence. If you require further permissions you must contact us under TruckSim – Map

Is only allowed to supply this mod via the given downloadlinks! It is
absolutely forbidden to host this mod on any other filehosters.

It is allowed to distribute the original links in public. In this way you support our Project TruckSimMap.

NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.

NoDerivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute themodified material.

No other Download Hoster – It is only allowed to publish this work with the given Downloadlinksprovided only by the TSM Team.

For Comments, Additions, Gratulations, Wishes and Suggestions you can always contact us via the forum under TruckSim – Map or sent us a mail to [email protected]

Find us on facebook under

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71 Responses to TruckSim Map v 6.6.2 for patch 1.30.x

  1. Philippe says:


    • maddison says:

      No, as ususal only with Rusmap.

      • Rubber Duck 64 says:

        No, ist not only compatible with the RusMap. It´s also compatible with “Southern Reigion”, “Russia Open Spaces”, the Kazakstan Map, China Map and the Eldorado Map. I´ve connected them all!!!

  2. Luki35 says:

    Wywala mnie z gry na samej mapie pod jaka to jest wersje bo ja mam

  3. Mr.Crazy says:

    Not working for

  4. bblekkink says:

    I can’t load it, when I add the mod it keeps saying that it couldn’t load my savegame, even when I make a new savegame.

  5. kasia says:

    czy musze miec wszystkie dodatki do tej mapy ?

  6. Marcin says:

    Niestety, ale od wersji 6.6.1 podczas jechania ciężarówką nawet przy małej prędkości ciężarówka drivtuje jak skręci się lekko kierownicą o około 3 stopnie.

    • kasia says:

      no to niestety nie pogram. Nie mam dwóch dodatków najnowszych i nie prędko będę miała. Żałuję, że nie robią teraz map bez tych … dodatków .

      • kasia says:

        chyba, że jakiś dobry aniołek poda kod steam do dodatków, ale cuda się nie zdarzają 😉

  7. radsan says:

    Thank you! Very nice,good job

  8. mario says:

    Not working

  9. lucia says:

    verzia stale nejde spustit

  10. Paul Maskell says:

    Says “Incompatable” for me.

  11. Falcon72 says:

    Not working for me. I’m on and even creating a new profile it says “problem loading save”.

  12. truckerjoop says:

    6.6.2 werkt niet

  13. thomas16 says:

    Il faut le dlc Italie où pas

  14. mike says:

    on this version of the tsm map the game falls for help

  15. Alex says:

    Теперь можно сказать “пока” этой карте. Ради самых невзрачных Испании и Португалии, Греции и мелких переделок я даже и качать не буду. Просто перешёл без проблем на дефолт и всё. за два года могли что-нибудь и покрасивее сделать Доработать ту же Испанию и Португалию, восток Европы начать делать (Румыния, Болгария). И Италия у них была однообразная, как и везде. А сейчас SCS сделали намного реалистичнее. Ездил там и знаю.
    P. S. Франция, Италия, Скандинавия… скоро и Испания появится. Тогда вообще не будет смысла играть на их карте


  16. Alex says:

    You can now say goodbye to this map. For the most nondescript of Spain and Portugal, Greece and minor alterations I would not rock. Just moved without problems on a default and all. two years could have something prettier to make a Modify the same Spain and Portugal, Eastern Europe to start doing (Romania, Bulgaria). And Italy they were uniform, as elsewhere. Now, SCS have made much more realistic. I went there and I know.
    P. S. France, Italy, Scandinavia… and soon Spain will appear. Then all would not make sense to play on their map

    • Big Pete379 says:

      I dont agree at all.
      Germany has several realistic intersections (Hamburg / Frankfurt/Illertissen/Kassel and now the region of the iconic area around ‘Brocken’ which is the highest mountain in the ‘north’)

      The TSM Goodfellas will shine in more regional Germany.
      I personaly stay in touch with them guys and they really care more for TSM than SCS for ETS/ATS games.

      So to me there’s nothing better than TSM since i recouldnize alot of the German roads and areas.

    • PAULO says:

      Alex if the game call Euro Truck Simulator 2 why they did not included Portugal, Spain and Eastern Europe ( as you said) in first place?

      • Big Pete379 says:

        We could look at things from 2 directions:

        1: If you deliver a intire game it’s just one price and that’s it… Back in the days you could buy a big menu and everything is included. Modern days it’s all about the money… Every DLC brings SCS money and loads of it. So that’s why….

        2. They wanted the game to survive longer than 2 years and onetime buy… So they didnt make a big map and decided let’s try to make some extra money out of this game and keep the game alife and well for many years.

    • LeoSSom says:

      Yes . TSM Map was my companion for many years. Since 2015 this map becomes abig problem for everyone . I was using TSM since the earlier versions , and didn´t even think my ETS2 without TSM . Many trucks and garages, in regions pertained to TSM map, simply gone in 2015 when SCS starts do update ETS and TSM simply no work anymore. For monts i wait an update. So i decided to move on. I lost more than 10 garages , trucks and drivers and more than 1000 hours of game play time. I had to restart from scratch. In order to replace TSM , i have all DLC´s, PJ indo map+YKS Team Turkey Map+ Easter Express Map and EAA map. this maps is rapidly updated and works in more than one version.
      TSM was a good choice, but no more.

  17. Mistraou says:

    Works well with Rusmap and ROS. Thanks a lot.

  18. thomas16 says:

    Moi il marque incompatible et ses quoi l’ordre avec tsm rusmap et ROS svp merci

  19. Luki35 says:

    Wywala mnie z tej mapy nawet bez dodania modow do mapy mam wersje gry

  20. Luki35 says:

    wywala mnie z tej mapy sprawdzałem nawet sama bez dodatkow wersja moja gry dziala komus wogole ona

  21. johnboy32115 says:

    Nice map works ok for me also with Rusmap no problem

    Thank you

  22. Mirko says:

    I have and map not work,

  23. Zcc says:

    Don t work with

  24. John Fazackerley says:

    Will it work without italy dlc?

  25. beano says:


  26. carlos says:

    hace falta el dlc de italia si no, no funciona

  27. Lip0334 says:

    Doesn’t work on Version 130.2.2. Incompatible.

  28. PAULO says:


  29. Amaranthe says:


  30. PAULO says:

    I had same problem before. To work properly you guys have to choose the patch 1.30 public beta on steam. Have fun!!!

  31. Edivad says:

    Which version I have to download for
    6.6.2 don’t load the game
    6.6.1 crash on desktop
    I’ve tested without other mods.

    • PAULO says:

      Go to your ets2 steam options and select the version 1.30 public beta and then you are able to play it. It works perfect

      • DeGelderseTrucker says:

        That’s not possible anymore, Open Beta 1.31 has been out now.

  32. Core says:

    Woork for me with the new version and Rusmap

  33. Amaranthe says:


  34. karl says:

    only thing i find it does not work with the transport dlc

  35. mojtaba says:

    need dlc ? thank you tsm really reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  36. Schnuppi says:

    Das man teilweise wenn man als Spieler “Einfaches Parken” einstellt nicht überall abladen kann da irgend ein mist auf den plätzen steht (Container,PKW´s usw.)Teilweise die Abladepunkte in der Luft hängen???Bei Innsbruck eine Rot-Weisse absperrung mal einfach so über die Autobahn verläuft???Teile Frankreichs mit Autobahnen und Mautstellen ETS2 Uraltversion sind??
    Na ja… mfg.

  37. Schnuppi says:

    Das ganze macht das Fahren auf dieser Map leider etwas uninteressant..Sorry

  38. Stofi says:

    It’s working for me but in Germany I have some terrain issues with Rusmap. Is there any patch or fix for that?

  39. Hait says:

    the continuation of the map of Turkey
    from the map and picture page

    • Halit says:

      the continuation of the map of Turkey
      from the map and picture page(When I was writing my name incorrectly wrote)

  40. machaos says:

    hi , one question , i need buy all DLC (east france etc… ) for use this mod ??

  41. Edivad says:

    Works good for me.
    ETS + all DLC.
    Created a new profile.

  42. J says:


  43. bigs says:

    i cannot use this on my old saves or new profiles

  44. Crysis says:

    this+mod = not work ! = work !!

  45. eurotrucker1908 says:

    the special transport dlc dos not work with the tsm map can that be fixt ??

  46. Matias says:

    Crash in frankfurt.

  47. Robin says:

    Works for me. Byt there are a few bugs that makes my game Crash.

  48. PaskoIM says:

    file is corrupt ….meh

    • SortingHat says:

      He is corrupt. Probably working for SCS now. The captcha Love-Hate describes the relationship with working for them.

  49. Exotic Lolo says:

    Is this mod works on And what other map mods work together?

  50. joe sib says:

    there is no file
    how do I get the file. can you sort the file out
    I really want this map
    and how do I set this map up

  51. jamesbristol says:

    in the highway at the south of innsbruck in austria some barriers appear like red and white painted walls that can’t be crossed toward Salzburg. i mean, the GPS tells me to go through that road, but the road is closed, i mean the barriers could be left there with a purpuse that is understandable, but the GPS should send me through another path.

  52. SortingHat says:

    Today’s captcha “THAT HURTS” explains it all too well. Your pretend smile is more like a sneer and a slap to the face to those of us who didn’t need the DLC’s. I am glad I have given up with this. I liked the old one except for a road that froze the game in Spain.

  53. JoeJoe says:


  54. михаил says:

    mod работает отлично!!!! у кого не работает,нужно правильно моды устанавливать ,тоесть от низа в верх по возврастанию и добовлять фикс если включаете мод русмап!!!!!! я установил эту карту на старый профиль 215 ур,также и запустил в новом профиле +русмап+зимний мод версия игры 1,30,2,23

  55. Kustu says:

    Does this work withRusmap and Promods?

  56. lima1955 says:


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