TruckSimMap 6.1.1 for patch 1.21.x


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TruckSim Map 6.1.1 for patch 1.21.x

Fix: 10.10.2015
– Now you can play the map without DLC Going East and DLC North
– Ferry near Rostock fixed
– change old TSM files with new files

What is new? Like we told in our news, this is just a adaption for the new patches.

all reports in bugtracker since may 2015 are fixed
adaption to the new patches
fixed the texture problems
These Mapversion is for patch version 1.21.x.

These Mapversion can’t be played with the patch version 1.18.X (or before)!

Who would like to continue using the TSM map will need for the next TSM version 6.2 DLC East and North

This map can be used at the moment with or without DLC’s.

Cancel or finish your current delivery and edit your profile. Deactive the old mods and activate the new ones. Then delete the old parts from you modfolder

We have splitted our map in six parts:

TSM_Map_6_1_defs&mat.scs / TSM_Map_6_1_map.scs / TSM_Map_6_1_model_01.scs / TSM_Map_6_1_model_02
TSM_Map_6_1_model_03.scs / TSM_Map_6_1_prefab&more.scs

The six parts are shown in the gamelog.txt as „6.1“

These map is not compatible with other maps! You shouldn’t have any other map in your map directory!

SCS Software – for the GroundMap
50keda – for the new companies Sellplan und Kaarfor
FLD/TZ – for the Prefabs und Models (onyl for using in this map)
kamaz – for signs
Reislord – for signs
valera_t – for some Map Models
satan19990 – for his great Map Models
Königszapfen – for the pictures
2X2 – for the new car licence plates
mAn_Trucker – for companys
diverbaer for the ‚extreme bridge‘
Carinthian, for the rebuilt of Frankfurt, Tripolis and Aalborg.


All Trucksim MODS from Trucksim Map Team are offered under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported Licence. If you require further permissions you must contact us under TruckSim – Map.

It is only allowed to supply this mod via the given downloadlinks!
It is absolutely forbidden to host this mod on any other filehosters.
It is allowed to distribute the Bundle in public.
In this way you support our Project TruckSimMap.

NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.

NoDerivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the
modified material.

No other Download Hoster – It is only allowed to publish this work with the given Downloadlinks
provided only by the TSM Team.

For Comments, Additions, Gratulations, Wishes and Suggestions you can always contact us via the
forum under TruckSim – Map or sent us a mail to [email protected]

Find us on facebook under

SCS Software, 50keda, FLD/TZ, kamaz, Reislord, valera_t, satan19990, Königszapfen, 2X2, mAn_Trucker, Carinthian, diverbaer


53 Responses to TruckSimMap 6.1.1 for patch 1.21.x

  1. Luis says:

    It is that the same map the 8th of October?

    • Navix says:

      No it’s a fix for version 6.1 which was packed wrong. This version 6.1.1 can be played without DLC east and north. Please respect the download link above !!!

      • Aditto says:

        Can’t download from this link. PLz upload from share mods!

        • JoachimK says:

          Aditto, there are 4 Links. The 3rd Link goes to Sharemods.
          Until today there are no Problems to load TSM.
          You must try the 4 Links to got the good one for you.

          • Briman44 says:

            Hi and so happy your back.
            Sharemods gives you broke files.
            So yesterday I spent 4 hours to download this, and oh great I get to do it again. Gota love these “Security Alert” messages that won’t let you out. Yes please get rid of that dam roadblock in hamburg. GPS heads there automatically.
            Map worked great yesterday, expect the same today (when I get it done 4 hours later). Honestly Thank you and continue the great work. I will use no other Map but this one. So when you quit updating, I quit driving. Yep it’s been a bit of a wait, But well worth it. Thanks again

      • Markz says:

        1.21 game version…delete all form mods…add the six parts of TSM 6.1.1 and=no map in north , no map in east

  2. Mario says:

    i can not extract files

  3. Human says:

    nice and please open one roadblock in near hamburg road n1 and shows picture what can download here and blue icons in road shows location of blocked road .GPS generate route even road is blocked and such thing are confusing .if can replace file what removing blocks in road then can share to download or fixing next version. thanks

  4. diogo says:

    I downloaded the files but they are empty
    I can not extrat for the mod folder

  5. Me says:

    Working with Promods?

  6. 2x2 says:

    If you have a problem with unpack ZIP-file use 7z.
    I was able to do with it only.

    Thanks again for TSM. It best forever 🙂
    Если у вас проблем с распаковкой файла, используйте 7z-архиватор.
    Я смог распаковать только этой программой.

    Благодарю за карту. Лучшую в своем роде

  7. geoff1 says:

    tsm dont slag me off on facebook when other cry about your download link if you hade put proper link on in first place none of this would of happened now appologise

    • Chris says:

      If they slag you off on Facebook just let it wash off. It’s not as if it can really hurt you. Keyboard warriors are the scourge of the internet, and rising to them will only make them worse.

      This time next year you’ll be a millionare anyway, then who will be laughing 😀

  8. Muhammet says:

    Scandinavia DLC Olmadan Çalışıyormu ??

  9. melios says:

    sharemods for TSM 6.1.1
    Tested 1.21.1s
    Perfect with EEA 2.8.3

  10. geoff1 says:

    thanks chris thats very true

  11. geoff1 says:

    link still rubbish comes up two sepperate pages

  12. geoff1 says:

    thats exactley right chris i be the one laughing when i be a millioner lol you on facebook

  13. Mistraou says:

    Download perfect : 7 files, 3.63 Go

  14. Mistraou says:

    Sorry, 6 files only unpacked with Winrar :
    TSM_Map_6_1_def&mat.scs – 9,14 Mo
    TSM_Map_6_1_map.scs – 192 Mo
    TSM_Map_6_1_model_01.scs – 807 Mo
    TSM_Map_6_1_model_02.scs – 642 Mo
    TSM_Map_6_1_model_03.scs – 961 Mo
    TSM_Map_6_1_prefab&more.scs – 1.08 Go

  15. Kev-Ski says:

    Hi guys n Galls,

    I have never had problems unzipping any files before. I have tried all four links, and none of the downloads will unzip.

    I keep getting…

    ! C:\Users\Downloads\TSM Map Unknown method in TSM_Map_6_1_def&mat.scs
    ! C:\Users\Downloads\TSM Map Unknown method in TSM_Map_6_1_map.scs
    ! C:\Users\Downloads\TSM Map Unknown method in TSM_Map_6_1_model_01.scs
    ! C:\Users\Downloads\TSM Map Unknown method in TSM_Map_6_1_model_02.scs
    ! C:\Users\Downloads\TSM Map Unknown method in TSM_Map_6_1_model_03.scs
    ! C:\Users\Downloads\TSM Map Unknown method in TSM_Map_6_1_prefab&more.scs
    ! C:\Users\Downloads\TSM Map No files to extract

    Using WinRAR v4.11 (Unpacks everything else I download).

    Please help?


  16. jakaille says:

    une fois télécharger on ne peut pas le décompresser

  17. Luis says:

    I can not understand, to put a download with so many complications. After 5 hours downloading …… when trying to decompress, says that no files. Ok, there are more maps to play ETS2.

  18. David A King says:

    Have always loved your maps, but have found a problem. I am hauling a lo0ad from Luxembourg to Koln with a Volvo 880. The only tuck mod I have in the game, have hauled with same truck to other cities. When I start into Koln game crashes. I get rid of the load can run into Koln no problem, but can not haul out without game crashing.

  19. ntndfb says:

    Use 7z

    • Kev-Ski says:

      Thanks ntndfb – You are awesome.

      7z unpacked it for me.

      I owe you one buddy

      Maximum respect…


  20. Britne says:

    Every since i’ve had ETS2 I’ve always went with TSMAP but sadly either greed has hit the creators or their Ego have gotten really big. Why make a download so complicated for you’re fans? It actually runs away people.

    Including my self. This is my first time trying out Promods and while I like TSM map better – and their greed is getting strong to.. i’d rather pay the $1 they ask for in order to download the map as a whole file rather than try to piece together six parts of a map.. that’s just crazy.

  21. geoff1 says:

    ive tryed that to them on facebook but all i got slagged off so now that im not the only one sayng about it i dont even get an appology from them stuff them as promods map much better join them and enjoy their maps they welcome you unlike tsm ……tose..pots …never use them again…… promods as always

  22. Nawrócony z Lichenia says: This is normal link!

    • Markz says:

      that`s true. but do you know why i dont have map in north or east poland ? btw no dlc`s

  23. AzAndres says:

    3 horas perdidas de mi vida para que a la hora de descomprimir me diga que estos ficheros no tienen archivos, por favor solución o ayuda

    3 hours of my life lost to unpack when I say that these files do not have files, please solution or help

  24. Alex says:

    i can not extract files

  25. escruzito says:

    when I load the game I have the trailer and after freight offers I don’t have trailer !! what’s the problems ??!!

  26. Mokko says:

    У меня игра вылетает на некоторых участках дороги. Что это может быть?

  27. BerryHD says:

    What all .scs Files do i have to put to activate the map? It keeps Crashing for me

  28. DannnytheOne says:

    Hi guys,i thought i was the only one having troubles,but it seems other people CAN`T extract these dam files,and i agree with some,Why ,make it so hard,uploading to those useless host servers like sharemods.i got 2 RAR/ZIP files and couldn’t extract them .i have installed 7Zip and both say “Unknown Compression Method.” or “Operation Failed”
    Why don’t jsut upload to mediafire,mega or servers like those.and Fix the Download Files Please.Left all the night downloading,now i wake up,happy they are done and Can’t Extract them at all,

  29. istu911 says:

    Good work!

  30. Comstock says:

    Thanks for this great map! It works fantastic and it looks so good!
    Very good work with so much good, and sometimes funny details
    (roadcrossing dogs and rabbits). But only one question…
    The Berlin TV Tower in Spain and Africa? But its no Problem i take it with fun!

  31. christophe says:

    grand merci superbe map cool cool bravo

  32. benq1992 says:

    дайте другую ссылку по этой не скачивает

  33. Comstock says:

    pleace replace the many german TV towers from the african towns
    its no more funny.

  34. serjoga says:

    cto za fignja. vibivaet vo vse storoni ot LINZ.

  35. subin pachhai says:

    i have download tsm map v 5.0 ,after activating this map,when i start playing on this map after 10 sec it automatically close.cant play on this map….so, whats the solution???

  36. angga says:

    crash on starting
    help to fix please

  37. joe says:


  38. valdeci says:

    esa merda nao baixa tira eses links do ar o sait tanbem so saben de kerer redirecionar a pagina

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