True Al Lights v 6.4


True Lights AI is a mod that enhances the overall design and appearence of the AI traffic lights and also the street lamps and most other lights related aspects.

Author: Alteregos


9 thoughts on “True Al Lights v 6.4

  1. techkilla

    True Lights AI 6.3, compatible_versions[]: “1.19.*”
    compatible_versions[]: “1.20.*” – What is it ????

    1. An old song in a new wrapper)))

  2. For me, the game crashes constantly.

  3. mods como este deberían de estar considerados como spam, virus, malware, estafa y engaño y delito en internet

  4. The game crashes constantly.

  5. Paulo Oliveira

    This mod it’s not compatible for ETS 2 v1.23.

  6. Incompatible with ETS2 v1.23xx.

  7. Paulo Oliveira

    Caro AlterEgos. Sou do Brasil, espero que entenda o meu português. Gosto muito deste mod, mas ele tá dando “crash” demais no jogo. E esta versão dá incompatível, ou seja, “red” (incompatible). Corrija o que tá errado e poste de novo. Este mod é muito útil.

  8. People, this is a fake, it was not uploaded by Altergos.

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