TRUE DX11 – Johndoe Sickx ReShade v 6.0 – ELREY

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Finally… happy to share with you v6 of my ReShade.
As with v5, Filmic Lighting w/ Bloom by PixelGrapher recommended. Works a treat with No Bloom by Pixelgrapher as well as with Vanilla SCS Weather.

Works on DX9 and DX11.
For people new to ReShade the READ ME file is IMPORTANT!

No scummy bs.
No modified/renamed shaders used, you can use them with your own presets without having doubles.
No included shaders as per ReShade creator’s request.

THANK YOU for trying the preset and for more, please do SUBSCRIBE. On the long road to 1000!

Johndoe SiCKX


8 Responses to TRUE DX11 – Johndoe Sickx ReShade v 6.0 – ELREY

  1. Kasrowi says:

    Awesome.. im just gonna use this since naturalux download and everythng is too complicated thank you ^^

  2. vince47 says:

    peux ton utiliser le reshade avec oculus rift?

  3. David says:

    is better Reshade. Naturalux is not real.

    • Kasrowi says:

      Yes.. this johndoe reshade + rain weather by kass + next gen graphic is simply best ?

  4. Carlos says:

    Kinematic Reshade is more realistic, this is pure white.

  5. Female Trucker says:

    Looks very complicated, I will give it a miss, very sorry.

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