True Lighs AI & Environment v 5.7

True-Lighs-AI-&-Environment-v-5.7-1 True-Lighs-AI-&-Environment-v-5.7-2

New in 5.7 version:
– Fixed some potential conflict files with Promods (once more)
– “warmed up” AI lightflares for a nicer effect during day light
– Some minor overall HDR and lightflares tinkering
– Enabled stronger headlights for most of Jazzycats trucks

Author: AlterEgos


11 Responses to True Lighs AI & Environment v 5.7

  1. AlterEgos says:

    Link to version without night sky and HDR to be used in combination with IWR or other weather mods for those who want to

  2. Gorkal1ty says:

    My only question is, should we put our HDR ON or OFF when using this to get the best results (most real ones) ??

    Thanks in advice, and great work again!

    • AlterEgos says:

      HDR ON

      • Gorkal1ty says:

        Thanks Alter, Im now using NightSons HDR Fix to get less blown effect, so I suppose it should work good too.

  3. adryan says:

    how can i open frog lights at my MAN TGX???

  4. bluemanc says:

    Great work….AWESOME infact.

  5. mitchb57 says:

    Thanks!!! i like it so much 🙂

  6. Terrible313 says:

    i’v notis some AI scania trucks there lights ar still low, other realy looks good, thanx fore the gread work.

  7. spin says:

    The night lighting effect is beautiful , great job. I’ve never really enjoyed driving at night ….. until now 🙂

  8. Rocket455Man says:


    Will this work with version 1.13.x?

    – Real Full Trailer Combination Driver –

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