True Lights AI


Here you have a mod which adresses some of the shortcomings of the
default AI lights. With this mod you will see the cars from a longer
distance with much brighter lights.



14 thoughts on “True Lights AI

  1. How can it be true lights mod, when the lights shines kilometer ?

    1. Karolis, this is a game, the game will never be reality but some are trying to get near to it. So, give credits.

      1. Yes, game will never be reality, but this mod is unrealistic … do you ever saw any car, that lights shines like in photo ?

        1. i use this mod (from red expert of course) and i love it. try it first and you can see the difference

  2. oberheiopei

    very nice mod.still not perfect,but much better than original.thx

  3. it’s a nice mod, just the rain get to easy speed at 90Km/h it’s like you at 160 200 but it’s a game…

    1. it’s about lights sorry mistake page 🙂 but these lights look real

      1. also you changed the outside lights ( lamps ) good job

  4. Moder, can you do something not to see the lights inside the tunnel from the other cars that i don`t see? I see the light on my sode of the tunnel.
    Kinda frustrating.

  5. This mod works fine . Lights ar brighter from cars wich have a large distance and become little darker ,when the AI come closer . Like modern carlights do . Well made mode (y)
    Working fine on 1.7 with DLC , TSM and autumn mod (Herbstmod v4) !

  6. TruckerGuy135

    ahhhhhh thank f*ck someone finally made a fix for this!!!!!!

  7. errick_dannyel

    Al traffic use HIGH BEAM!

  8. Very good and very realistic mode. Strongly suggest if you wanna enjoy real drive.

  9. Kelsen Dourado

    Hey… I think update to patch 1.8+ has needed AI true lights update

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