TSM Big Map Setup with Background by dOOmERdaZe v 1.0

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Coverage area:
TSM, RusMap, Great Steppe, ROEXtended, YKS Turkey, Afromap, Sweedish Islands,
North Map, Southern Region, Volgamap, Sardinia, PJ Indo Paris Rebuild Canada Map.

+ There is still room for other cards.

dOOmERdaZe, Arayas


5 thoughts on “TSM Big Map Setup with Background by dOOmERdaZe v 1.0


    cool sympa merci

  2. Very good job! 🙂


    Does the mod work even if you only have all SCS DLC, Nordmap, Romania, RusMap and YKS-Turkey? That’s what I own.

  4. dOOmERdaZe

    Hey guys dOOmERdaZe this is and out dated mod the mod has been updated to v1.2 with fixes to the background and cities hanging in water and other fixes. Also I did not upload my mod here info and correct link is found on my youtube channel and on roextedned.ro forums I do not post else where.

  5. Sorry, but i not download in Drive!

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