TSM Map 6.6.1

Dear fellow truckers,

after many successful and also stressful hours at least we have done it and can now proudly present you the new TruckSim-Map. We have our Map adapted to patch 1.28 and also redone some Freight stations, to get you access for the new unloading options with the new doubles ingame. However, the companies DHL and Egyptsone had to be closed due to structural defects and can not be approached at the moment.

We hope that you enjoy the map again as all the times before.

The map can be found as usual at our download hosters.

And don’t forget according to our rules:
NO other Uploads ALLOWED, always use our provided Links.

Your TSM Team

– Adaption to Patch 1.28 (changing the used flares in our map)
– fixed bugs
– rebuilded hiways around Frankfurt/Main.

!Attention! Who would like to continue using the TSM map they needed DLC East, Scandinavia and France!!!

All Trucksim MODS from Trucksim Map Team are offered under
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported Licence. If you require further permissions you must contact us under TruckSim – Map

It is only allowed to supply this mod via the given downloadlinks! NO other Uploads allowed!

It is allowed to distribute the original links in public. In this way you support our Project TruckSimMap.

NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.

NoDerivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material.

No other Download Hoster – It is only allowed to publish this work with the given Downloadlinksprovided only by the TSM Team.

For Comments, Additions, Gratulations, Wishes and Suggestions you can always contact us via the forum under TruckSim – Map or sent us a mail to [email protected]

Find us on facebook under https://www.facebook.com/TrucksimMap/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

SCS Software, 50keda, FLD/TZ, kamaz, Reislord, valera_t, satan19990, mAn_Trucker, diverbaer, Carinthian, Carribean Princess, edson, kheiro, Yughes, Nobiax


SCS Software, 50keda, FLD/TZ, kamaz, Reislord, valera_t, satan19990, mAn_Trucker, diverbaer, Carinthian, Carribean Princess, edson, kheiro, Yughes, Nobiax

DOWNLOAD 1.5 GB [mirror]

59 Responses to TSM Map 6.6.1

  1. sjain says:

    Very well done! We highly appreciate your outstanding work. Thanks for investing so many hours!

    Enjoy your rest!

  2. Mothertrucker says:

    Crashes on old and new profile, with and without other mods, for me atleast. too bad since ive always enjoyed TSM.

    • maddison says:

      Then you have a problem on your side, not with our map. If you wanna join our forum, there we can get you help 🙂 http://www.trucksim-map.de

      • Mitya-Brui says:

        Карта хорошая,но не доработана,это раз.Во вторых в какой части Африки вы видели такие горы?Так что не снимайте с себя ответствености,это ваша проблема,а не игрока.

  3. DerpbombGaming says:

    is this compatible with promods ? not bothered if it isnt

    • Luis says:

      TSM is a map not compatible with Promods.

      • SortingHat says:

        Any reason why it’s not? Are certain asset files way too different to be compatible if you tried?

  4. no says:

    do i need france and scandinavia dlc for this map to run???

  5. HumbHS says:


  6. DJ Trucker says:

    Love your map,s been using Them for 5 year,s now Full credit & Thank you

  7. darsirious says:

    dlc need?

  8. anonim says:

    Crashes when loading

  9. outcastgold says:

    why does my game crash?

  10. whitegamer says:

    How to put the map in ETS2 ?

  11. szymek98 says:

    OFC Files are broken and I can’t put it to folder with mods…

  12. Kei says:

    compatible with Promods, Rusmap, Southern Region, project balkans??

  13. dvojinov says:

    works perfectly fine with 50+ of different mods on my system
    BIG THANKS!!!!!!

  14. dvojinov says:

    works perfectly fine with 50+ different mods on my system
    BIG THANKS!!!!!!

  15. Mike says:

    people, just read the description !

    Been in writing since previous, and the one before….versions

    “Who would like to continue using the TSM map will need DLC East, North and France”

    “This map is not compatible with other maps! You shouldn’t have any other map in your map directory!”

    It does work with other maps, but not a combination the authors are supporting!

  16. 6NAT6AS6 says:

    @ Mike, maybe it’s better to write the required dlc’s in the descriptions, also compatility with other maps, so nobody has to be angry, just my two cents 🙂

    • SortingHat says:

      Well put. The TSM guys are from Europeand don’t speak good English so they don’t have it together upstairs to think like you or I do.

      Most of these users are from Europe and have old crappy computers that are now breaking down and they are forced to upgrade to 64 bit and finding out all the woes and pains we did 10 years ago.

  17. Nick says:

    Crashes if you have mods

  18. gerd_e says:

    Just minutes ago I have installed this new TSM – and other maps – and after starting the game (v1.28.1.3 -64bit) it RUNS without crashing!!!
    These are my installed (and working) maps:

    – TSM 6.61
    – RusMap 1.7.4
    – Kazakhstan The Great Steppe 1.02
    – PJ Indo Map 2.2
    – Paris Rebuild 2.1

    Now MY Load-Order in mod-manager:

    – at top you place graphic and weather mods
    – Steering mods
    – Fuel Prices
    – Jazzycat packs

    after that the maps must follow:

    – PJ Indo Map v2 Zoom Fix
    – Paris Rebuild 2.1
    – PJ Indo Map v2 – Base (in map view it’s far South below Africa)
    – RusMap – Map
    – RusMap – Model 2
    – RusMap – Model
    – RusMap – Def
    – RK Map The Great Steppe – map
    – RK Map – model
    – RK Map – def
    – 01 TSM – def & mats
    – 02 TSM – map
    – 03 TSM – model 01
    – 04 TSM – model 02
    – 05 TSM – model 03
    – 06 TSM – prefab & more

    after that you place all Tuning parts, Truck-Sound-packs, Mod-Trucks, dash boards, skins and whatever.

    And don’t ask me back: THIS LOAD-ORDER works fine and without errors. By the way – Since a long time and many game versions I always arrange the mods in this shown fashion.

    Bye bye – and have fun……..

    • gerd_e says:

      Have forgotten to mention:
      NEVER have TSM AND ProMods at same time activated, because they ‘bite’ each other.
      So you must decide: You either play with TSM OR with ProMods.
      Alternatively you can create two profiles:
      – one profile with TSM (+ additional maps)
      – one profile with ProMods (+additional maps)

      Bye bye…. :-))

    • Xaxa63 says:

      Thanks you

    • Chema_C says:

      Thanks to the TSM team, and thanks to Gerd-e for the detailed description

      • gerd_e says:

        Oh, big thanks! But not worth talking about.. :-))
        I want to add here, the same ‘biting each other’ is with the Map MHAPro (Heavy Alex MAP). So you must create a new profile and play only with this map (you may add additional maps like RusMap or therelike).
        Have fun………..

    • Mitya-Brui says:

      карта обязательно должна быть ниже всех модификаций?

  19. Adriandelahunedoara says:

    Works just fine with RusMap, Southern Region and Paris Rebuild + a lot of other mods. Make sure that your load order is correct and that TSM is compatible with every mod that you have installed.

  20. MetalGhostxD says:

    It’s time to add new things to the map, not Africa and southern Europe that Promods does not play yet, it’s time to develop new cities, I’ve been on the map for 3 years and I see the same thing.

    • dvojinov says:

      if you read the description you will notice they are adding new cities

  21. popy2450 says:

    ich frage mich nur wann wird die karte mal komplett geändert nur immer hoch patchen toll macht mal was im detail vor langer zeit habt ihr mal gesagt es würde was neues kommen was meint ihr damit die patcherrei na super.
    Eure karte ist sonst sehr schön und gross wenn das detail noch besser wäre wie lkws auf den höfen baustellen etc.
    Ich war mal ein grosser fan von euch aber es wurde langweilig keine herausforderung wie es im wirklichen leben auch ist

    • DanceBraker says:

      Wenn du dir die Zeit nimmst und mal schaust, wird dir auffallen, das einige Bereiche überarbeitet und optisch aufgewertet werden, aber sowas geht bei einer derart großen Map nicht von jetzt auf sofort, zumal alle an der Map arbeitenden Leute (ca. ne Handvoll) auch ein Berufs- und Privatleben haben und dies in ihrer Freizeit tun.

  22. rusty trucker says:

    hi great map ..however the main select map cant see all map blury

  23. Kei says:

    does it work in Promods 2.20!

  24. Mateusz says:

    Compatible with Great Poland Map 1.20

  25. Gabriel says:

    Muchas gracias por el mapa esta muy entretenido y muy bien hecho lo recomiendo. Felicitaciones a la gente que trabajo en este mapa.

  26. KindaOnLoose says:

    Why can’t i see the borders can anyone help?

    My load order is:
    tsm def&map01
    tsm model02
    tsm model03
    tsm model04
    tsm model05
    tsm model06

  27. KindaOnLoose says:


  28. Popeye036 says:

    Link is not good. When I finish
    downloading I try to unrar but there is some mistake in zip file 1.
    What to do now?

  29. jotap254 says:

    this mod crashes the game at loading

  30. Mitya-Brui says:

    так на чьей стороне проблема с картой,сделали раскошную карту,да вот протестировать не удосужились,плохо ребята очень плохо работаете.по принципу и так сойдет.Bad very bad

  31. SAMUEL BELTRE says:

    Por favor si tan solo hcieran este hermoso y gran mapa TSM 6.6.1 compatibles con PROMOD 2.20 Seria el mas grande y hermoso trabajo en mapas jamas realizado…espero que puedan hacerlo y con gusto lo instalo…Saludos

  32. SAMUEL BELTRE says:

    Por favor si tan solo hicieran este hermoso y gran mapa TSM 6.6.1 compatibles con PROMOD 2.20 Seria el mas grande y hermoso trabajo en mapas jamas realizado…espero que puedan hacerlo y con gusto lo instalo…Saludos

  33. Митя-бруй says:

    в комментарии кто нибудь заглядывает или сделали и варитесь в собственном соку?карта не доработана,паромная переправа из Греции в Италию не работает.
    вот только ответит ли кто?

  34. GMK says:

    Problème sur la route en partant de Meknes à Rabat barrières d’autoroute positionnées en zigzag au milieu des voies très dangereux à revoir très urgent !

    Please, problem on the road from Meknes to Rabat highway barriers positioned in zigzag in the middle of very dangerous roads to review very urgent!

  35. GMK says:

    Toujours sur la même route de Meknes vers Rabat problème au péage avec les barrières le camion reste coincé !

    Always on the same road from Meknes to Rabat toll problem with the barriers the truck remains stuck!

  36. amir says:

    this file doesn’t have tsm 6.6.1 model04

  37. Raj says:

    Is this compatible with Steam users?

  38. Samuel Beltre says:

    Ya deberían ir pensando en actualizar este grandioso mapa para que sea compatible con la actualización del ETS2 1.30 que ya esta por ser lanzada de manera oficial…gracias.

  39. Samuel Beltre says:

    Quise decir para que el mapa sea compatible con la version ETS2 1.30 que ya sera lanzada proximamente..gracias.

  40. sergio says:

    necesito alluda el mod ya no es compatible con la actualizacion de ets 2

  41. valerio says:

    a me la 6.6.2 si blocca quando vado nello show room scania risolvere il problema

  42. harly says:

    is there anybody who can make a map for just the base-game?every map-mod you always need dlc….to bad because i never had a working map-mod…….can somebody make it for base(vanilla) game?
    i’m sorry but i just do not have the money to buy all dlc…….

  43. Boos072 says:

    Sad that i cant play. I only have Going East! and Scandinavia…

  44. Space Cam says:

    can you make it for 1.34

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