TSM Map 6.6 for Patch 1.27.x (Date 06-07-2017)

Dear fellow Truckers, here is it now, our final:

TSM Map 6.6 for Patch 1.27.x (Date 06-07-2017)

Rebuilding of Marokko
Adapted to Patch 1.27
All Bugs fixed

These Mapversion can’t be played with the patch version 1.26.X (or before)!

And here are the links:
Sharemods – http://sharemods.com/ed5m4zz3f1n4/TSM_6.6.7z.html
Uploadfiles – http://uploadfiles.eu/jt00rq68jukq/TSM_6.6.7z.html

Keep on truckin! Thx for reading & testing and with best greetings from the hole TSM Team!


All Trucksim MODS from Trucksim Map Team are offered under
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported Licence. If you require further permissions you must contact us under TruckSim – Map

It is only allowed to supply this mod via the given downloadlinks! It is absolutely forbidden to host this mod on any other filehosters.

It is allowed to distribute the original links in public. In this way you support our Project TruckSimMap.

NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.

NoDerivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute themodified material.

No other Download Hoster – It is only allowed to publish this work with the given Downloadlinksprovided only by the TSM Team.

For Comments, Additions, Gratulations, Wishes and Suggestions you can always contact us via the forum under TruckSim – Map or sent us a mail to [email protected]

Find us on facebook under https://www.facebook.com/TrucksimMap/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

SCS Software, 50keda, FLD/TZ, kamaz, Reislord, valera_t, satan19990, mAn_Trucker, diverbaer, Carinthian, Carribean Princess, edson, kheiro, Yughes, Nobiax

DOWNLOAD 1.5 GB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 1.5 GB [Uploadfiles]

62 Responses to TSM Map 6.6 for Patch 1.27.x (Date 06-07-2017)

  1. Kenseth says:

    please make it for without promods 2.16?

  2. Molly says:

    Does this map work without DLCs?

  3. Holly says:

    Does this map work without DLCs?

    • JoachimK says:

      You need imperative:
      – DLC North
      – DLC East
      – DLC Vive la France

      Without it will never work and it is the same for the the ProMods !

  4. Htesnek says:

    please make it for without promods 2.16?

    • JoachimK says:

      Read the comments above…

  5. jccorredor96 says:

    I have the 1.27 and leaves the game to choose madrid (in new match)

  6. Tom says:

    Can i use it with promods 2.16 ?

  7. evox says:

    need France DLC?

  8. Robert Murphy says:

    When I click on download file all I am getting is – before 13hr ?

  9. Luki35 says:

    Brak pliku 04 model czy mapa nie wymaga tego pliku w tej wersji 6.6

    • kasia says:

      właśnie, brak pliku 04. Bez tego najprawdopodobniej wywala grę do pulpitu. Nie wiem skąd pobrać takowy plik

      • Trucker says:

        So any confirmation if the model_04.scs file is needed…?

  10. peperebvs says:

    bonjour l’ équipe TSM, j’ai un problème de décompression, il me dit fichier corrompu, pourtant j’utilise ZIP pour tout mes fichiers, que dois-je faire pour avoir votre carte ?

  11. peperebvs says:

    problème résolu, je l’es télécharger une nouvelle fois sur un autre site et ça fonctionne

  12. Nobbi says:

    Is it compatible with Rusmap an ROS ??

    • heavygamer70 says:

      tsm works with Rusmap, load simply above the tsm files.
      for ROS, i’ve not tried.

  13. Robert Murphy says:

    Keeps crashing, I am putting the TSM and RusMap in order that they should be.

  14. Robert Murphy says:

    I’ve sorted it out now, it was the D.B.Creations mods that was causing the problem.

  15. ergoon says:

    Arşiv dosyası bozuk

  16. mascachapas says:

    no me funciona me hecha del juego en plena carga

  17. mascachapas says:

    me gustaria poder jugarlo ya que sois los unicos que consideran a españa y portugal como europeos lo malo esque cuando se esta cargando la partida se me cierra el juego sin poner ningun mod

  18. Robert says:

    I thought TSM map was a lot better than this, I’ve been playing for nearly an hour and already I’ve found too many bugs. most of the drop off points have objects in the way. Oh well I think i’ll go back to ProMods.

    • maddison says:

      I think you have problems with other mods. We have not such problems in our map. But you can always report problems in our forum in the bugtracker if you like.

  19. Luki35 says:

    Czy aż tak dużo błędów jest na drogach w mapie bo jeszcze nie robiłem trasy w tam tym kierunku dodam że mapa wczytuje mi beż pliku 04 model i działa z mapą RusMap i ROS też kolejność ma być 1 ROS 2 RM 3 TSM

  20. MEICKY says:

    I have now tested with what TSM 6.6 all I have is EAA.v4.3 – RusMap v1.7.2 .– PJ Indo Map v 2.1 – Southern Region v 6.5.2 –RUSSIAN OPEN SPACES V5.0 So far everything ok the maps please lay as in the photos and new profile have already driven 25,000 km on the new TSM 6.6 and so far no problems

    • Jake says:

      Can you please help me out with the load orders of all these mods?

  21. Audrey Soares says:


  22. Audrey Soares says:

    Does dlc live france?

  23. GAMERDUBLU says:


  24. Josch says:

    Warum geht es NICHT OHNE viva la France? Es User, die haben kein Steam und somit auch KEIN viva la France. ####. Macht doch bitte was dran.

  25. Josch says:

    Warum geht es NICHT OHNE viva la France? Es gibt User, die haben kein Steam und somit auch KEIN viva la France. ####. Macht doch bitte was dran.

  26. TADEO says:

    Link from sharemods.com is failure

  27. jean-michel cristol says:

    map ne fonctionne pas que faire

  28. car100216 says:

    God damn always Vive la France

  29. Florin says:

    Without Romania the TSM Map was, is and always be a waste of time. And what’s Brazil doing there since we’re talking about EURO Truck Simulator?! Was Sao Paulo moved over night next to Portugal and I didn’t knew about that?! Come one. Try to improve this map by moving east!

  30. Julien2009 says:


  31. s3ntiell says:


  32. meeko says:

    Full of bugs. invisible wall’s. CTD’s ect.. What happened to this once great map? unless their is a fake one going around…

  33. Mello says:

    Please help. I cant transport my load….i try all but my T cant work….

  34. LauR says:

    it crash… i have Going east, Scandinavia but i don t have vive la france.. i need to buy it? or will be a fix for this map ?

  35. Tibor V8 says:

    The Scandinavian dlc and the French dlc need to be added to work ?? // Skandinavischen und Französisch dlc dlc sollten zusammenarbeiten hinzufügen ??

  36. Adi says:

    I don’t have borders between countries

  37. jetblue28 says:

    Will this work with other mods such as vehicle, sound, tuning, ai packs, trailer and cargo packs, etc

  38. alex says:

    it doesn’t work on
    r u kidding me?

  39. Mateoilic53 says:

    I haven ‘ t the file ” MODEL 4 “… why?

  40. Louis Thierry Lobe says:

    Bonjour, je dis grand bravo à toute l’équipe TSM. Comme d’habitude, vous faites un travail remarquable. J’ai testé la new TSM map et elle fonctionne très bien, bon selon mes tests, elle est compatible avec :
    – RusMap
    – EAA Map
    – Great Poland

    Je continue de faire les tests avec d’autres cartes

  41. Kenseth says:

    please make the Promods 2.17!!!

  42. jotagada says:

    Bonjour TSM

    Puis je me permettre de faire une suggestion à tous ceux qui font des cartes ou des modifications pour les capitales de chaque pays mettre en évidence le monument principale de la capitale et nous permettre de faire notre Garage à côté comme Paris : la Tour EIFFEL, avant on pouvait passez devant la TOUR EIFFEL et Paris sans la Tour Eiffel n’est pas PARIS
    et maintenant elle à disparue depuis la version 1.24…. Vous les internautes que pensez vous de l’idée  pour toutes les Capitales cela nous permet de visiter et connaître vos beaux Pays?
    Aidez moi à faire passer le message à TSM, RusMap , MARIO,- EAA Map – Great Poland etc ..etc merci

    Encore Félicitation TSM.

  43. jotagada says:

    Hello TSM

      Then I allow myself to make a suggestion to all those who make maps or modifications for the capitals of each country to highlight the main monument of the capital and allow us to make our garage next door like Paris: EIFFEL Tower, before We could pass the TOUR EIFFEL and Paris without the Eiffel Tower is not PARIS
    And now it has disappeared since version 1.24 …. You surfers that think you of the idea for all the Capitals that allows us to visit and know your beautiful Countries?
    Help me to spread the message to TSM, RusMap, MARIO, – EAA Map – Great Poland etc .. and thank you

    Encore Congratulations TSM.

  44. wax says:

    when i have to pass per spain , my game go out because it can’t load the model flare.pmd or model .pmg somebody can explain what it is please

  45. Believer says:

    Why Spanish flag is Netherland flag? Some bug or something…

  46. Josch says:


  47. João Carlos Silveira says:

    TSM 6.6 com qualquer carca e qualquer caminhão indo da cidade de Lion Espanha par Gijon Espanha o jogo trava e para de funcionar.
    Ja criei novos perfis sem mod nenhum para testar, e o jogo continua travando e parando de funcionar

  48. Maarten says:

    Does ii work with version 1.28 of ets2?

  49. Dante piekart says:

    i have tsm with rusmap but with the new 1.28 update i switched back to 1.27 but now all the trafic lights are completley off but the trafic is stil driving like there are lights

  50. Driver Truck says:

    please add the google drive server, because the server can’t give me much time

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