TSM Map v 6.3 (Truck Sim Map)


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For time reasons we could adapt the Map only to the patch and remove the bugs, but no fear we work behind the scenery on the Map.
We hope with the next Map we are able to bring some innovations and new Staff.
Now have a lot of fun with the TSM Map 6. 3 and we wish you every Time a good journey.

New in this version:
* Updated for 1.24 patch
* Fixed bugs

Author: TSM Team

DOWNLOAD 809 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 809 MB [Uploadfiles]



43 thoughts on “TSM Map v 6.3 (Truck Sim Map)

  1. And for people which wanna use uploaded or have a premium on it, here you go:


    have fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Please help, why my game crashing when i have scandinavia,going east and 1.24 patch ? And my mod activated is only TSM Map.

    1. you can’t use tsm and another map

      1. You can RUSMAP can

    2. My game crashes as well. I have “Going East” & “Scandinavia” DLCs not installed.
      I do not have other Map-Mods

  3. Female Trucker

    Having a Map problem, when I zoom map, the road map end’s up in the sea and out of line, when I take out TSM Map mod and play Vanilla, Map zoom is fine. Can you help please?

  4. KontiovaaranJuhani

    This map should be work without Scandinavia and Going East DLC

    1. Thanks, working without DLCs.

  5. Muchas gracias por el aporte

  6. don’t work game always crashes

  7. Martin Edwards


  8. What will do TSM Team at release Vive la France DLC? The mod will be not updated, or will be hours of work to integrate this very populat map in game with Vive la France?

  9. where is MONTENEGRO?

  10. I’m+loving+this+now+its+back.+I’m+not+sure+why+you+don’t+do+what+ProMods+do+and+put+it+on+a+pay+to+download+site+without+the+buggy+pages+we+have+to+visit+from+here.+I’d+pay+to+download+TSM+everytime+its+updated.+It+would+also+help+out+at+your+end.

  11. does this work on 1.23 too?

  12. This map is not working, when i open the file it says the the file is corrupt. So please help me

  13. Hy i always crash in Genova. Why??

  14. Is that working with other mods ?

  15. The map is nice as always, on the other hand there are too many bugs. You should do something about it. I understand that is not so easy to keep upgrading and updating the map in every release of the game. One more complain is that many roads staying in the initial color, they staying undiscovered.
    Thank you guys for all this effort of you to keep us all happy.

  16. MaikItalian

    finally a map that I can to play in my country ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. how i can play this mod with scandi+going east at my steam checked?

    can i uncheck my scandi+going east first to play this map?

  18. FYI

    TruckSim Map 6.3.1 for patch 1.24.x including hotfix
    You must have Going East and Scandinavia DLCโ€™s
    Changes for Version 6.3.1
    โ€“ Fixed critical error at Valladolid and reported bugs

    โ€“ http://sharemods.com/4cr2td0raglo/TrucksimMap_6.3.1.7z.html(872MB) (sharemods)
    โ€“ http://uploadfiles.eu/0b4kjjczzxtj/TrucksimMap_6.3.1.7z.html(872MB) (uploadfiles)

    It is a mystery why the TSM- guys did not inform (us) here…
    Maybe having a falling out with ets2.lt-guys here.
    Who knows

  19. This version always crash near Valladolid!

  20. ramje 1998

    does this map works on game version becauses it crashes

  21. ramje 1998

    please help me

  22. Funciona perfecto con la v1.24.4+rusmap+pjmap ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. This Mod doesn’t work with the new upload of ETs2 1.25 patch. What can I do ?

  24. worked great for 3 weeks. Now with 1.25 update crashes game any news on patches

  25. same thing here after update 1.25 the game crashes I’m hopping for a patch


  26. Come on guys… ETS2 v1.25 is out. When are you going to update? Your version 6.3 for ETS2 v1.24 crashes the game. How long must we wait???? Thanks.

  27. Please an update soon, we need it to continue enjoying this game!

  28. For all of you that updated to 1.25 you can use steam

    go to store click in with mouse right button on the game -> properties -> beta and select the 1.24 temporary…. version

    until an update of this map is available and 1.25 ready we can play the game with the 1.24 vesion

    just got now

  29. Game is crashing in the very latest ets2 update and I confirmed that it is due to this mod. Any solutions to enable me to continuing playing with the mod? Please help!

    1. if we are playing using steam:
      1. go to steam games library
      2. right mouse click on the game
      3. click properties
      4. click beta tab
      5. then choose the only version that has 1.24 on the name
      6. after that the mod will work, but you will still be playing on the 1.24 version without any of the features introduced on 1.25

  30. Life Decoded

    It crashes even with the 1.24 temp version. Shame since I really do love this mod.

  31. Gratulate Theam TSM map mod super.Please 1.25v update convert! Theanks

  32. Does this work on 1.23 ? Please respons

  33. no+load+vrtsion+1.25

  34. Zylon7373

    hello! my version is 1.24… i don’t have dlc going east and Scandinavia…. will it work without these maps?

  35. not support in Euro Truck Simulator 2 v ,game always crash and back to dekstop

  36. No instructions anywhere. I know ive successfully installed it, cuz its there in my mod list to activate. But Starting a new game or on my first game, the map wont load.

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