TSM Map Version 4.x


Here is the new TSM Map Version 4.x. With that version we fixed the bugs which were mentioned us.

New added are the following cities: -> Toulouse and
Bordeaux in France

-> Bochum, Essen, Gelsenkirchen,Recklinghausen und Wuppertal im Ruhrgebiet

Those of you who installed already the new patch (version
1.4.12), shouldn’t have a problem with it. The old map you have to take out and you should put the 4 new trailer in.

But watch out: You have to edit the profile and
activate the new Mods. If that doesn’t happen you wont be able to use them in the actual game!

Because we have the permission from FLD/TZ to use there Mods we added them to it. Because the Mods packet would have gotten to big with the TS Mod we splitted them into 4 little packets. – TSM_Map_4.X_Defs&Mats.scs

– TSM_Map_4.X_Map.scs
– TSM_Map_4.X_Model&Material.scs
– TSM-Map_4.X_TZTools.scs

All of the 4 parts have to be in the Mod folder. Credits: (all our thank yous)
SCS Software for the actual Map50keda for the new company Sellplan und Kaarfor. FLD/TZ for all the new objects (not allowed to free usage!)Kamaz for street signsReislord for street signsKönigszapfen for pictures If we’ve forgotten someone, let us know and we will add you to the list with the next version. ——–
Trucksim MODS from Trucksim Map have a Creative Commons license – not commercially – no editing 3.0 Unported Lizenz.Download only the original link from TSM (bitly.com)More informations about all the licenses you will find under http://www.trucksim-map.com erhalten No commercial usage – all the projects are not for commercial usage No editing – You’re not allowed to edited any of our projects. No other download link – You’re not allowed to use an different download link. All the mods you have to downloaded from the TSM Team links.
We wish all the users to have fun and a safely truck ride

The whole of the TSM Team


159 thoughts on “TSM Map Version 4.x

  1. steve silent

    the links on the download page dont work for me 🙁

  2. Robisierra

    Links working fine, downloading now

  3. no funciona al descomprimir!

  4. The archive is either in unknown format or damaged.

    1. The archive is fine try downloading it again mate it should work.

      thanks for this map it seems more stable and no lags a very good map way better then the 3.x versions a job well done TSM Team.

  5. Does it work with scandinavia mod?

    1. Unfortunately it doesn’t mate, or at least for me

  6. Does it work on 1.4.1?

  7. Does it work with 1.4.8 or only 1.4.12? Can anybody tell me what are FLD/TZ mods?

  8. RoadFlyer

    Use this instead of TSM JustPlay Mod? I’m confused.

    1. You install both tsm map 4 and just play mode for version 4 , you can continue your progress from tsm 3.5 , but if you are in a job you will loose it and your truck will reset to the nearest garage you have , i played for 2 hours with the new map and i didn’t have any problem with my old save .

  9. @RoadFlyer this is the new map, JustPlay is an add mod that make a few changes in the game, like it says in the description (real companies, weather, trailer skins, fines, etc…)

    @Alxtrg no this map will never work with other maps becouse TSM is constantly growing and in time they will be everywhere :))

    1. HELP!!! the mod does not work how to install I put it in the mod folder and nothing happens same with any mod I try HELP!!!!! PLEASE

      1. You must remove old TSM map and map mod that support for this old map version and enable in game all 4 new TSM 4.x map scs files

    2. barcelonista

      why my game crash when i add justplay mod?

  10. I keep getting an error message unsupported compression method. I love TSM maps but can not seem to get any of them to work with updated ETS2.

    1. I have the same problem. I am not able to extract the files (unsupported method).
      What to do?

  11. Hi I just downloaded and installed the new map and just play mod,I also have 10 or so other mods in there,all I did was inst.the mods in my mod folder,activate in profile and deactivate the old map 3.5 and old just play.Game works fine and I didn’t had to start a new profile.All what that game now needs is the Rush Hour mod,the best mod I’ve ever seen.Thanks for that fantastic game.

  12. nice map but one is bad that autospeedlimiter stops works when add speed and low speed and dont work under 40 km/ph

  13. ETSTrucker

    I downloaded it, make a new profile and start… The game now has a total new look…

    New roads, more curves, realistic traffic jams on the crossroads… Unlocked upgrades, new upgrades and parts…

    Guys please continue the good work and make some more… this is the BEST MAP so far.

  14. gazomania

    Zip file empty… :/

  15. Thanks for answering Tony D.

    Must be my POS old WinRAR.
    However, in the past it never had any problem with extracting *.7z files…

    After downloading 7Zip from http://www.7-zip.org/download.html all is well.

    1. Migrated from 3.5 to 4.0 and everything seemed well.
      Till I had to offload somewhere…and the frontgate was closed…huh?

      1. can you tell m where the gate was close?

        1. Yes, sorry: Dresden “Transinet”

          1. thx, its already reported in TSM forum

  16. hello there, i have a problem here. i am using TSM 3.5 with 1.4.12 patch. the problem is my hired drivers give almost 200k money. with 2 drivers in 2 days my money rise up to 600k. :O
    if it’s possible i hope you’ll help me so that the drivers i hired give me realistic amount of money 🙂
    the other mod i use was :
    [MOD-ETS2] Real Company v1.3.scs
    ETS2 141 Realistic AI Traffic Mod ver 2 by Scanreg.scs
    Realistic Physics Mod v7.0 (1.4.1+) (by KacaK).scs
    zzzzzZzzzzzKVN_Tieflader by Roadhunter modifiziert by Street.scs
    thanks for your help 😀

    1. @FREEANZ are you using the zzzTSM_Schwerlast_Trailerpacket_1.6 ? if you are it is becuase of that mod, the prices of the loads were to high, there is a new version the 1.7.5 and everything is normalize


      1. @TomaSis : nope, i’m using zzTSM_Schwerlast_Trailerpacket_1.7_Pack_1-3 . but i’ll try to remove that mod. hope the problem solved. thanks 😀
        and there is another problem too. after i fire all my drivers, i still get money from them. even though they dont work for me anymore -___-

        1. you still get money maybe becouse the drivers must finish the job, and in TSM3.5 and 4 you get more money from your drivers jobs, is more real, in standart map your driver for ex: makes a 40k job, you get 10k and the driver 30k and you are the boss loll so in TSM they change that, you recieve 30k and the driver 10k, more real coz you are the boss, right :))

          1. .. and V.1.7 still have that price problem, you must get the V.1.7.5

          2. And make sure that it loads after the TSM stuff or it’s economy_data.sii will override your custom economy settings. I use the harder freevar economy setting. Only had to, um, adjust the skill advancement points upwards as it was very slow on building up the skillpoints.
            Began to look like work…

          3. and lowered the average speed from 86 to 65 or you would have to drive like crazy not to miss the delivery. You know, like driving in the real world.

  17. I use the tsm map 4 , just play mod for tsm 4 , realistic physics mod and one mode for the traffic witch is compatible with tsm map 3,5 and my drivers give normal ammount of money maybe some of the other mods conflict with the tsm map

  18. excellent map. no problems with download or install. so far everything ok on 1.4.12. (don’t forget to open profile in game and enable the 4 sections of the mod.) many thanks to the team for their hard work…

    IS FAKE !!!

  20. Does the Schwertransport Mod work with this map?

    1. yes it works fine but purcase the V.1.7.5 they fixed the beacon and price issue

  21. can someone upload the map to another link, these are ####

  22. other link pls ……..

  23. Links are total #### tried them all and everytime i get corrupted archive GREAT………..

    1. @Uxot, WinRAR *should* extract the *.7z … but mine didn’t. Yeah, well, actually it did, but after dragging the files to the desktop they were 0 bytes.

      So I downloaded 7Zip from http://www.7-zip.org/download.html and used that one.

      1. its already opening with 7zip by default even tried with winrar…no go…

  24. pain in the ### ,,these links sucks ….pls remove

  25. Hello, little problem with the map Tsm 4, everything works very well, but I do not see the world map around, zoom problem surely someone has a solution? sory for my english, I’m french :))

    I’m using version 1.4.12

    thank you for your help …

    1. je supose que tu utilise un mod qui rend la map au zoom org j’ai déja eu se blem filtre tes mod sa peut n’importe quoi même un mod de tuning ou trafic sound

  26. jin woo lim


  27. je supose que tu utilise un mod qui rend la map au zoom org j’ai déja eu se blem filtre tes mod sa peut n’importe quoi même un mod de tuning ou trafic sound

    1. ok merci, autrement j’ai telechargé cela ( zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_mapzoom.scs) mais je ne sais pas si cela va corriger le probleme, et si cela est compatible avec ma version.

      ok thank you, otherwise I downloaded it (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_mapzoom.scs) but I do not know if this will fix the problem, and if it is compatible with my version.

  28. Bei der Speicherung des Spielstandes taucht ein zu langer Speichername auf. Bitte korregieren.

    Ansonsten is die Map erste Sahne – Top –

  29. nice map works perfect good work TSM Team.
    but i have a little problem with the Mercedes truck.
    there are black stripes everytime a Mercedes truck pass me. what can i do against it ???

  30. don`t see all map. africa dont see

  31. AlienHouse

    Sorry for bad english …
    I read. but did not understand. why do we need these files??
    – TSM_Map_4.X_Model & Material.scs
    – SCI-Map_4.X_TZTools.stss
    (They are required to put in the game ….)

  32. there is already a fix for the reported bugs .. search for Mapfix für TSM Map v 4.0.1 .. extract the scs file and replace it in your mod folder.


  34. same here ive tried all the links and all are broken links …waste of time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  35. I tryed both links just now and they are working fine, maybe the problem is from your side

  36. aun las vallas publicitarias no iluminan no hablo de las que giran si no las quietas.

  37. Well i guess no TSM 4.0 for me it seems im unique to this world and only me get corrupted files after download 😀

    1. @Uxot,

      Please try to extract with 7zip from this downloadlink http://www.7-zip.org/download.html

      I hope it works for you as well as it did for me!

  38. GreatFabri

    a fix for the zoom in the map?

  39. superba!

  40. suuper!

  41. HELP Guys,the gate in the city Dresden is CLOSE i can t unload the cargo!!!!

    1. gate is open – update to version 4.01 !

  42. MrETSTrucker

    I just want to say that you guys have done a great job with this map.

    I want to suggest that you should make more details on the map in future. Like new roads (not highways) that are more curvey and with some happenings on the sides… Like you did in Germany with thoese new cities…

    Best of luck

  43. update 4.0.1 is not fix the map

    steal meny city not seen in the map

    seach as : cario , chania , alexandria . iraklio ….

    1. Did you lose those cities after updating with the fix? Or were they gone before?

      1. those cities not Vanished

        i steal can laod & Unload for them and with helping Gps go to them .

        but problem is cities in Egypt & Spain not \seen\ in the map

        if i have more specific :
        in my map i can not see cities below than \loannina\ in Right of the map & not see cities below than \faro\ in left of the map

        and after update 4.0.1 the map have not been fixed

        thanks for your attention to me & sorry for my bad english

        1. this file must resolve your problem

          1. very very tanks for your help dude

            with this file my problem solved

  44. Hi. Have a problem, map works but there are no jobs? Please help.

    1. Did you replace in your current profile another mapmod with the TSM mapmod?

  45. Baba i have 1.4.12 version,i use STEAM so update automaticali!


  46. I don´t mean ETS2 update

    I mean the TSMap update to v4.01

    y must update manually – only replace one file


    y can find the file here….


  47. Tank you very much Baba for tips,but i hace already the last TSM map.

  48. There’s nothing wrong with your english as long we can understand each other.

    Did you activate the TSM map in the same profile where you had used another *non* TSM-mapmod before?

    1. no

      i have one profile and pley up to level 10 with version 1.3.1 then update to 1.4.12 & Download tsm 4.0


      with the file have been introduce by TomaSis my problem solved

      very very tanks for your help dude

  49. errick_danyyel

    ONE BIG PROBLEM!!! when climb the hill under 35-15 km/h the CAR FROM THE TRAFFIC HIT YOUR TRAILER! I don’t save the game because I play very nice and I don’t hurry! PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!! Thanks

  50. is this mod work with the open pipe sound mod for trucks

  51. great work tsm team
    thanks a lot

  52. map does not work for me, game version 1,4,12, i activated mods in profile page but, map dosn load, please help

    1. Does the game.log.txt give any indication why the TSM mods don’t load?

      Did you, perhaps, drag and drop the TSM files from WinRAR directly onto
      your desktop or into the modfolder?

      And what is the filesize of those TSM files?

  53. Okay super frustrated now, finally got this map to download. Removed all mods cept map. Started a new profile with no other mods outside of map and game crashes while loading.

    1. Can you tell what the filsizes of the TSM files are?

  54. Downloaded this yesterday, along with the additional files which Baba mentioned, and patched up to 1.4.12 of the game from 1.3.1. at the same time. I was reluctant to do this for a while as I’ve got used to all my mods and stuff working properly. I was pleasantly surprised to find the update and the map installed without any problems so I started to install my mods one by one. Most actually worked ok, even though they are 1.3.1. versions but some, only one or two, didn’t. I realised that I didn’t really need them anyway (apart from the radar detector, I liked that one) and in the process have found a couple of other new mods which are pretty good. The patch itself is great and the map is massive and well executed. Found a couple of little snags but nothing serious and wherever you go on the map, you can get backloads, something that didn’t work for me on the 3.5 version, not sure why but probably due to a mod conflict or other such ####. Great upgrade and great map, it’s a bit of a #### having to start from scratch again but that’s the game, innit?

  55. Game crashed when opening freightmarket for a returnload. Nothing remarkable in the gamelog. Restarted the game and the game crashed again when opening the freightmarket. But now the gamelog reflects an error: tractor is occupying the spawnpoint of the trailer. Anyone had that one before?

    1. when y have trouble with the >>opening freightmarket<<

      turn the clocks forward – 12 or 18/24 hour

      @ 1st – go to sleep


      @ 2nd – open console –

      g_set_time 12 – g_set_time 00 – g_set_time 12
      g_set_time 18

      1. The proper gamelog entry was: Trailer position is occupied by player!

        Normally I would drive away to repair at a sevicepoint and get some ‘sleep’, but had some hours drivingtime left and opened the freightmarket standing there where I offloaded to keep ‘working the shift.’
        @Baba thanks for your solution, but in my particular case would defeat the purpose of keep working 😉 I’ll try to reproduce the error somewhere else and drive the truck a bit forward or use one of your methods of forwarding gametime.

        1. Nope, freightmarket is now corrupted in my last savegame.
          Freightmarket can be accessed again without crashing the game by loading a savegame I made before the error occurred. I’m only worried that this error can happen anytime and anywhere in the game.

          1. error by SCS – the best y can do

            save only y profile Directory\*.*, all files with winzip, winrar or 7Z

            and after CTD copy back y winrar profile

          2. That’s a BAD BAD BAD error.
            It’s like Oracle saying, sorry our bad, but re-enter the data you lost the last two days and everything is up to speed again.
            And yes the error can happen again, but you know how to apply our, um, solution.
            Sorry, got pissed off…

          3. Ah, I understand now…I think.
            Data from (some)mods get incorporated in de auto- and manual savefile.
            Well, thats plainly wrong.
            Must be a databaseguy programming it…

  56. any best sound for renalt which work with this?

  57. Sound Mod v3.1 by Speedy works with TSM 4.x

  58. In the next update will there be a more direct route from Paris to Montpellier?

  59. -is there any Volvo sound for this mod?

  60. Good Morning,
    In this version, the highway in Morocco, between Oujda and Tiaret to put a petroleum refinery, there is a bug related to a road that ends at the highway and cars disappear.
    Can you please check?

  61. Is it worth to download these Map or is it only a big unrealistical #### with much roads with no identity with each country ?

    1. stary y brain is big big bigger unrealistical ####

      something wrong in y childhood

      ask y mother

      be carefully with y articulation

  62. Yes it is worth, TSM team makse map even better and better

  63. The great thing about the TSM team and their content is that they make multiple different types of mods and they are all compatible with each other (Maps, Trailers, Skins, Trucks, Ect.)
    For example, I am using all of these TSM mods in my main game and they all work great together:
    – TSM Map version 4.0
    – TSM JustPlay mod 4.0
    – TSM Container Trailer Pack 1.6
    – TSM Trailer Pack Heavy

    Nice Job TSM, Im really looking forward to what you guys will bring us in the future!
    (P.S. You can also use the Realistic Physics mod on all these too and it works like a charm, however, just a personal recomondation, I would only use mods that are created by TSM while using the TSM map mod)

  64. Sry guys i never drive before on a tsm-map so i dont know and in some forums they discuss that the map isnt so close to reality. BUT since yesterday i drive 4000km on it and i must say that she isnt maybe so realistic as i hope but it is fun to drive on it and the map-builders did a great job!
    So i excuse for my statement.
    73,55 ! Good drive!

    1. okay Stary, thanks for statement

      tsm guysz makes a good job for us
      and TSM get no money for this hard work

      tsm works hard for only *** -> thanksz tsm guysz…..

  65. Clicking quick job or freight market started crashing my game since yesterday. Tried above steps but still the same. 🙁 Not sure what to do now.

  66. Join the (growing) club.
    Mine started doing that at level 38.

    Start thinking hard about which (last added) mod is f*cking op your savefile.
    I think – I hope – mine was a standalone truck which added itself to the truckdealership *and* attached itself to the savefile.
    So far the game is still working poperly.

    Sometimes you can resolve the prolem by adding time in the console – thanks to Baba for that one – to recycle the freightmarket job data.
    I added at least a week of time ‘on the job’, but no go.

    So, in my mind you can do two things:
    1) Lose the offending mod and load an earlier manual savegame before your troubles.
    I did that, except for – stupidly – not removing the offending mod, and two days later (realtime) accessing freightmarket started crashing ETS2 again;

    2) Lose the troublesome mod and create a new profile and start again from scratch.
    However, it is possible to transfer your capital (money and assets) to the new game by a manual edit of game.sii > money_account: xxxx or download a startcapitalmod.

    Watch out for adding mods that attach itself to the auto- and manual gamesavefile(s).
    Obviously standalone trucks do that and realisic physicsmods.
    Some gave good advise to create a backup of your profile *before* adding mods to a stable game
    to have a fallback option in case things go wrong.

    Not what you wanted to hear, but there you have it.

  67. i’ve just installed the new map and i think it’s wonderful but i have a problem. with this new mod the no speed limit mod doesn’t work anymore.how i have to do to solve this problem?

    1. Snowleopard

      You don’t need a No Speed Limit mod in this Version as SCS included a Speed limit On/Off within the Options of the game from Patch 4.1 onwards. So you can have it on or off. So if your game is restricting your speed, go into your options and turn off the speed restriction.
      Happy trails, keep her lit!

      1. thank You snowleopard! i haven’t realized that this mod is so complete yet 🙂

  68. errick_danyyel

    I can’t take any cargo! I have played so far 152h and 146 cargo delivered and 1 cancelled! When I’m trying to select a job, (quick or freight ) it crash the game! I really love the TSM MAP but this is annoying! PLEASE DO SOMETHING!

  69. de-actived all your mods, exept for the map, then activate your mods one by one, to see which one will cause the crash, at my game it was a trailer-mod

    good luck

  70. Saulo Miguel Coelho

    One noob question…im have TSM 3.5 if im install this all maps im have stay and this add more news citys or just add this 2 new city and other is other mod separate from this?

  71. nigel jones

    love this mod,it works fine for me great job cant wait for next map update from you guys

  72. errick_danyyel

    Its not working, I deactivate all the mods, then I put map tsm 3.5 only and trying to take a cargo, agan crash game! I put tsm map 4 and still crash the game, I reinstaled the win7 and win8, I changed the hour from console AND STILL CRASH THE GAME WHEN I’M TRYING TO TAKE A CARGO! I play with this bug because it’s the BEST TSM MAP! Seriously there are some other bugs but it’s not very important if the game its running!

    1. Go find and load an earlier savegame that is not corrupted, and make a new *manual* savegame.

      Then de-activate TSM 3.5 and activate the TSM 4.0 mod in the profile you’re using.
      Don’t forget: TSM 4.0 has four files.
      If you have the small update TSM 4.03 then there are five files, okay?

      And activate the mods that were stable for up till 152 hrs of playing, because
      some of them may have become a ‘working’ part of your savegame.

      Last: check your gamelog regularly for errors and keep making manual savegames.

      Good luck!

  73. errick_danyyel

    Thanks GENOOYD! I’l try to go back and take other cargo and see what’s happening! ONE QUESTION: it’s there a way to repair/edit that c orrupted save game? To make it work?

  74. errick_dannyel

    i try everything and still crash the game, (i took ajob from 138h and after some time the same problem)but i see something,when i make a new profilthere is very little jobs,and its loading very quiqly but on theprofil with 155h it take a second or a two! and on the profil with 155h its too much jobs because on screen not see further then 80% from jobs! I THINK THERE IS THE PROBLEM!

    1. SCS started at some point to encrypt the savegames and profiles, as I understand it, so you can’t edit anymore.

      Yeah, well, when you start a new profile you don’t have any skillpoints and the number or type of jobs would be more limited. Maybe thats easier to compute and thus a faster loadingtime, who knows…

      Huh? 80% of jobs visible?
      You mean you have discovered some cities by driving through or dropping off a cargo and those cities won’t show up as a destination in the joblisting?
      They fixed that in v 1.4.1
      ■Redesigned Job Market’s job listing to be able scroll through all jobs

      Back to work, so the 138hrs savegame worked.
      That suggests (to me) that between 138hrs and The Crash you changed something, like maybe adding a nasty company or AI-traffic mod.

      Anyway, in my case, adding some mods didn’t crash my game immediatly, only decided to do that after two days of gametime.

      What did you add?
      Does your gamelog show any errors?

  75. errick_danyyel

    Some new trucks, traffic Mod for TSM, a lot of them! Anyway, in my list of jobs are all jobs, BUT if i select one job from Last of them i cant see what I’m take, how can I sand to you a picture? And thanks for help

    1. Leave the trucks alone for now.

      I use the AI-traffic “141 Realistic AI Traffic Mod” by Scanreg?
      Nice one and functional, only I deleted the countryfolder; its redundant as TSM 4.0 already has one.
      Not really a problem…I just don’t like doubles in my stuff.

      The missing pictures of the jobs is caused by one or more trailermods.
      I base that on the fact of a smimilar problem: a red cargobull trailermod.
      One whole jobpage was missing the trailerpictures, it was just gray, but when selecting one of those as a job, it loads and voila, I first see the white *default* tippertrailer appear at the dock and saw it change *right there* to the red cargobull tippertrailer.
      Lose the trailermod. It’s f*cking with your jobstuff.

      If you still miss trailerpictures, just pick the job, see what trailer you get…and lose the mod.

      FYI I use the SE version “TRAILER PACK with Realistic Textures v.1.8.1” by Vaarduar.
      It works just fine from v1.6.1 up to v1.8.1
      Beside that I use extra trailermod “40ft Container Cistern” by Nikola Kostovski.

      What els have you got?
      Physicsmod? Sure you have.
      Check the physics.sii if somewhere at the top is a line with: version: 1
      If not, insert it above the parameters. That’ll remove one irritating from the gamelog
      *and* disable a programmed event by SCS to divide some interpretation of thrust_characteristic_viscosity parametervaluewhatsis
      by 1875 or something.

      1. Seems the problem with the red cargobull was an anomaly, nothing more.

        I tracked the problem then to a heavy load mod and shut that down, forwarded time
        with g_set_time to flush the joblist. And got rid of all but one gray picture.
        After forwarding time again it just wouldn’t vanish.

        Then I got loads and loads of errors about a chassis I had disabled at the same time as the heavyloads.
        Well, let enable the truck for that chassis *and* enable the heavy loads mod and see what happens…
        And everything was back to normal. No more gray pictures beside the loads and the nice heavyloads
        all there…

        This is one big SNAFU…
        Creating a massive error to correct another error that won’t show up in the gamelog

  76. errick_danyyel

    My gamelog are show me some errors but what errors I need to bee looking?

    1. I’ll try to reproduce some nasty errors you don’t want today…oh, its already today. Later today, then.

      1. Let’s not reproduce errors here as my ETS2 seems to behave like a woman.
        Paste some errors below and see what you got.

  77. errick_danyyel

    I see, thanks for help!

    1. Sorry, i was not clear. Please copy/paste soms errors You have in the gamelog.

  78. errick_danyyel

    I have one more question: let’s say, I have a truck with400hp, and a cargo is 18t, when i climb a hill its going with speed 15-30km/h, the car who is right behind me not slowing down, THE CAR HIT MY TRAILER, and the damage is around 15%! Please tell me what is wrong!

  79. errick_danyyel

    The speed between 15-30lm/h, and climbing a big on the road, like the road between GABES an HEBIRA

    1. Maybe it had something to do with the maximum speed in that country. I’m experimenting with that. There are even instances when they ram You when You go 90 kph.

  80. What a slow download from both servers, I shouldn’t be sitting on a 1:48:00 download for just short of 300MB, I download entire games in that time normally.

  81. : Unable to find ‘Road’ ‘177’
    00:00:09.333 : Unable to find ‘Prefab’ ‘180’
    00:00:09.355 : Unable to find ‘Prefab’ ‘176’
    00:00:09.355 : Unable to find ‘Prefab’ ‘176’
    00:00:09.356 : Unable to find ‘Road’ ‘176’
    00:00:09.356 : Unable to find ‘Prefab’ ‘176’
    00:00:09.643 : Unable to find ‘Road’ ‘176’
    00:00:09.751 : Unable to find ‘Road’ ‘176’
    00:00:09.805 : Unable to find ‘Road’ ‘178’
    00:00:09.805 : Unable to find ‘Road’ ‘178’
    00:00:09.808 : Unable

  82. errick_danyyel

    ERROR: Stereo enable query failed: -140. ERROR : Sun data for 22 hours is overwritten by nice.sun.07! ERROR Sun data for 23 hours is overwritten by nice.sun.07! ERROR Cylinder volume of ‘dc16_1010.scania.r.engine’engine should be higher than 6! It is set to 0.00. ERROR: Missing water renderable for level -29.8086, these are errors who are in my gamelog.txt, (eror sun is from improved weather v8.0), how can I repair that speed in the country’s?

  83. errick_danyyel

    It was and the eror: the trailer is ocupied by player

    1. OK, let’s go to work:

      ERROR [dx9] Stereo enable query failed: -140
      Don’t worry, everybody has that one, and then it does this:
      00:00:00.416 : [dx9] D3D9 device sucessfully created [HWVP]
      When you pan left and/or right in the cabin you hear the engine
      respectively left and/or right. So yoy have , um, stereo.
      ERROR Sun data for 22 hours is overwritten by nice.sun.07!
      ERROR Sun data for 23 hours is overwritten by nice.sun.07!

      The author made two overlapping entries that clashes with two other entries
      in the nice_weather.sii. I dont know #### so I compared it to bad_weather.sii
      which had no such overlapping entries…so deleting nice.sun.07 solved the error for me.
      How to do that:

      Now first download SCSUnpacker.exe to open the locked Improved_weather_v08.scs.
      And, of course, scan it for virus.

      Make a new folder on you desktop, name it TEMP or whatever, doubleclick SCSUnpacker.zip,
      drag and drop SCSUnpacker.exe into the TEMP folder, copy Improved_weather_v08.scs
      in the folder too, drag and drop Improved_weather_v08.scs on SCSUnpacker.exe
      and it creates a folder Improved_weather_v08 where the files are unlocked.
      Note: The scs sourcefile and SCSUnpacker.exe *must* be in the same folder to work!

      Edit the nice_weather.sii in the def-folder with notepad and delete all the lines starting with:
      sun_profile : nice.sun.07 to the end, but at the bottom there should be two }}

      Rename the locked Improved_weather_v08.scs to Improved_weather_v08_locked.scs to prevent
      overwritig the original scsfile. Or delete it, whichever you want.

      Make in TEMP a new “New WinRAR archive.rar”, rename it to Improved_weather_v08.scs
      Then doubleclick it to open, it’s empty, of course
      then open the unlocked folder Improved_weather_v08, drag and drop the two folders def and model in
      the open windowed Improved_weather_v08.scs,
      you get a dialogwindow Archive name and parameters, Archive format is RAR and greyed out
      and Compression method must be Store, close the window
      Now you have an unlocked Improved_weather_v08.scs
      OK, copy it into the modfolder, if the original is still there then overwrite, and activate in the game.
      Mine is zzzzzzImproved_weather_v08.scs to load it…later.
      ERROR Cylinder volume of ‘dc16_1010.scania.r.engine’engine should be higher than 6! It is set to 0.00
      That would be the “tuned up engines by JCV.scs”
      Open/edit dc16_1010.sii in def\vehicle\truck\scania.r\engine
      And insert

      motor_brake: 10.0

      volume: 16.2

      like this in between torque an defaults

      torque: 8000
      motor_brake: 10.0

      volume: 16.2

      defaults[] bla bla
      ERROR: Missing water renderable for level -29.8086
      I don’t know that one. Can’t help there, sorry…
      Map problem?
      Somebody made a hole and forgot to put in water?
      Maybe not an big enough error to create a crash…maybe
      how can I repair that speed in the country’s?

      I’m not sure, needs experimenting.
      Maybe edit in the
      decrease the lower speedlimits of 50 to 30 or so
      car_speed_limits: (50.0f, 90.0f, 130.0f)
      truck_speed_limits: (60.0f, 80.0f, 80.0f)

      But could also be a fault in the mapfiles as in some sort of parameter for Line of Sight for the AI to detect your trailer.
      I’ll experiment if the AI has LoS of the truck *without* a trailer.
      As I said earlier in a post, somtimes they even ram you when you are doing 90 KPH, like they’re not even ‘seeing’ you.
      Thats between Dubrovnik and, um, Split, the high road next to the beach.
      Always drive there in the sliproad. Normally when you cut of an AI they brake hard, but over there they keep going.

      But if you load an AI traffic mod with a countryfile you should edit in that one…
      No time…I’m now very busy making a reinstalled FSX not crash.
      It was and the eror: the trailer is ocupied by player

      That’s a BAD bug.
      Actual error is: Trailer position is occupied by player!
      After that error my game shortly started crashing when clicking the freightmarket.
      However, I could still access jobs by using the freight-icon just inside the gates of the companies.
      You then have to drive a lot around the town, not really a fun thing to do.

      Most games don’t like it if you occupy a spawnpoint.

      Load an earlier savedgame a you should be good with this error.
      Maybe next time drive a bit forward to evade the error.

      Well, that was a lotta work here.

  84. Help it crashes right after I entered England and i took off thePete379 mod and it worked for a little while and it just keeps crashing like when im driving or in the menus anywhere else on the map its fine just in England and with my other minor mods didn’t effect it either anyway now its crashing but I loaded older saves when I was in france its fine but soon as I get off or on the train it crashes HElP

  85. Thank you Genooyd! I dont have any truck mods but did use realistic physics mod a while back. Currently only have have TSM mod. Option 1 is a no go. Got to try option 2. May I request more help with transferring captial and assets please?

    1. Hey SV,

      Ah, you go for door #2. Wise choice, sir!

      I didn’t write that sentence very well: “However, it is possible to transfer your capital (money and assets)
      to the new game by a manual edit of game.sii > money_account: xxxx or download a startcapitalmod.”

      As far as I know its not possible to create assets out of the blue like expensive trucks and garages and/or explored the map 100%.
      So I was wrong on that part.
      Yes, well, with a savegame from someone else thats possible, of course.

      ‘Transferring’ the money is not a problem.

      Bit of a problem is that the TSM-guys dont want anybody to edit their work.
      I think we can go around that by claiming we only change some minor parameter, okay?
      Not like we’re editing their maps and stuff.

      A Capitalmod does the same thing by changing a parameter in game.sii > money_account: xxxx
      By adding up your running profit, cost of trucks and garages you get a total figure and overwrite the value
      where I marked it xxxx,
      And maybe add something extra for your troubles, yes?

      You find game.sii here:

      Doubleclick on TSM_Map_4_X_Defs&Mats.scs
      and go to def\initial_save\normal

      Like any new profile at first you have to hire yourself out once or twice, drive their PoS-trucks,
      you get the mails from the bank and sometime after that the truckdealership icon will unlock.
      Go have a shopping spree. Some original SCS stuff will however have some levellock on stuff, so…
      I myself unlocked all the modstuff (chassis/engines and such) to level 0 as I already restarted about 4 times with a new profile.

      Yeah, maybe placing a # before this entry will unlock the “truckdealership: screen_access_list[]: truck.dealer_map”
      That’s in locked_screens.sii, right next to game.sii

      Never tried it or needed it, so you’re on your own with that.
      And perhaps change “truck_count_for_online: 3 # number of owned trucks to unlock buying online feature

      to 0 to unlock the buyonlinescreen optionthingy.

      But using those last two would be very naughty.

      1. You are simply awesome Genooyd. Let me try those and see.

        1. Well, thank you, but the ones that develop these mods are the Awesome Ones!

          I only try to pick apart whats allready there, compare it to other stuff and, if I’m lucky, learn something and hope to make it do what I want … or need.
          Just stumbling around in the dark and finding something useful by accident, nothing more.

          Yes, some make mistakes, but that should not diminish their hours of effort
          they put in it. And its very painful when someone trashes your baby…

          Oh, don’t worry, the money ‘transfer’ will work as long you dont have a initial_save/game.sii loaded in another mod *after* the TSM one.

  86. errick_danyyel


  87. when i stop on barrier in every city, i can’t go away. the barrier won’t lift….i press enter and nothing. in greece the traffic lights are only red. again and i go away…suks!

    1. Well…did you check your keyboard options if ENTER was assigned to “Activate”?
      If yes…oh, hm.

      Do you have the green thingy on the ground just in front of the tollboothbarrier?
      And when you drive over it you get the window to use ENTER to pay the toll?
      If yes…oh, hmmm

      I had that once a couple of TSM-map versions back going INTO a city.
      No green thingy on the ground, so just backed out and went to another toolbooth and never saw that error again.

      Ah, well, let move on.
      Did you update to v1.4.12 before activating TSM 4.0.x?
      Did you remove the mempoolthing in your shortcut before updating to v1.4.12?

      All red lights, you say?
      You sure you’re not in Amsterdam the Red Light District?
      Sorry, not funny, couldn’t control myself.

      You have a mod in there that does someting with headlights?
      Does it have a trafficlight.sii or something like that?

      1. thx allot guys! “Did you remove the mempoolthing in your shortcut before updating to v1.4.12?”
        i did’n do this…maybe this is the problem…

    2. Make sure you have the latest “fix” update for TSM 4


      1. Yes, but the downloadlinks seem to only appear when you’re registered.
        Or simply go here: http://bitly.com/u/thomastsm/bundles

  88. Doctor Shu

    My trailer disappears in transit. How can I fix this?

  89. Doctor Shu

    Not raise the barrier at the toll gate between Nice and Genoa, and both the toll gate at the entrance to Ancona

  90. Compatibile with DLC Going East ?


  92. maps is not work, i’m using versi 1.4.8
    how to use this maps? please

  93. Generally works fine but it crashes when i disembark to Harwick (won’t load after paying the fee).
    Please can somebody check this ?

  94. Problem solved with the tsm 4.0.3 update.

  95. thankyou

  96. charredizard

    None of the downloads on this page work for me, are there any that do?

  97. One question, can TSM work with Promods enabled?


  98. The link DONT work

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