[TTMODS] Ford Cargo 2520 V.4 (For 1.26.x)

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V.4 Changelog:

Truck works in 1.26.x
Better and balanced interior & exterior sounds
Compatible with SiSL’s accesories mod

Tunak (TTMODS)


9 thoughts on “[TTMODS] Ford Cargo 2520 V.4 (For 1.26.x)

  1. CRASH!

  2. Video Test youtu.be/PiU-NR3EX0c

  3. RayenGaming


  4. berbat en ufak kamyon ruhu ve fiziği yok

    1. ozaman daha iyisini sen yap

  5. I liked it. One of the few ‘Ford Cargo’ mods that are actualy worth your time!

    Thumbs up!

    (In case you were wondering; yes, it is standalone.)

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