Tuned Chassis for All SCS Trucks (Rel.: 05.22)

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Tuned Chassis for All SCS Trucks, except the R and Streamline Scanias.

Tested in version 1.44.x

Added in release 05.22:
-Added lowered chassis
-Full compatibility with Actros, DAF, Scania and Volvo DLCs
-“Sign on Your Truck” ready
-“abasstreppas Double Burners” ready
-“Boreman LED Markers by obelihnio” ready
-Added basic tuning (based on the classic ‘MegaStore Reworked’)
Parts in:
-Paintable Primary (See Instructions.png)
-Paintable Secondary (See Instructions.png)
-Plastic Black
-Plastic Grey
Exchangeable Parts:
-Front Bumper
-Front Intake Cabin and Chassi
-Front Lights and Fog Lights
-Front Grill
-Front Mudguard and Covers
-Front Logo
-Side Panel
-Front Fenders
-Fuel Tank and Supporters
-Added Variants in All Mirrors
-And More…


Mods necessary to work perfectly:

-Tuning Store by iconRJ

——- More Photos in my Facebook ——-


——- Small F.A.Q. ——-

A) Why did you split the “Rigid Chassis” mod?

1-Because when I started doing this, my internet was too slow for any uploads.

2-Because my PC is weak and slow (I5 3470/NVidia GT 630 1G VRAM/No SSD), so the
“conversion” and “packaging” processes of the files are sometimes extremely time consuming,
with smaller files this problem is minimized .

3-For constant updates of the “Tuning Store”, I intend to update at least once a month.

B) Do I need any DLC?

1-I strongly recommend that you have all Tuning DLCs (DAF, Actros, Scania and Volvo)
because I will most likely use textures from these DLCs.

——- Credits: ——-

iconRJ – Adaptations and Corrections

——- Donations ——–

If you feel in your heart the desire to help me and encourage me to keep improving and creating more mods, you can make a donation through PAYPAL.
Thank you very much.




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