Tuning – All in One Pack


Tuning Mod for all trucks includes the following mods:
– T.C mega mod v9
– Super Tuning Kit
– Truck Shop 8.1
– Truck shop addon 7.1
– Accessories mod 2.0
– Tires mod 2.0
– Alti AraC paspas mod 2.0

Tested in version: 1.3 and 1.3.1

Author: Letsqond


20 thoughts on “Tuning – All in One Pack

  1. Thanks!!
    The only problem is i cant add lights for the Truck shop accesoires, did i anything wrong?

  2. Hi help me pls. This MOD is not function on my ETS2 I have ver. 1.3.1 help pls. 🙂

  3. Intresting.. when truckshop 8-1fit example daf??
    I dont know but should you mention all credits??

  4. How many mod are those pack? Good that make those all in one packs 🙂

  5. is This only collection where user get those mods by one DL..?????

  6. Hate locked files

    There are 7 mods in the package but some of them are creating some conflict with the others lol !!! Not everything seen in the video appears in the game !!! And it is more a NFS mod than a truck sim mod !
    I deleted it from my game .

  7. ###… -_-

  8. im sick of mods that don’t work or you have to start over im at the point where I think for get the mods and just run the game as it is mite get a desent drive with out it crashing all the time

    1. Here is what I do with standalone mods;

      I download the ones I might like, keep them for a while until I saved a bunch of them, and then install them.

      Much less restarts are needed 😉

  9. WOW amzing mod!!!!, this is now my favourite (tuning) mod, Thank you very much 🙂

    1. tuning collection..

  10. why is this mod in my game is not readable by the game?

  11. cause its .rar ???

  12. no, I have extract .rar

  13. Then i dont know..

  14. all mod put in the folder mod? or what?

  15. Les signes ne vont pas!!!! :'(

    The signs will not!!:'(

  16. nice mode but the game crash


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