Tuning All truck package 1.39

Tuning All truck package
Valid for all TRUCKS

Tuning Pack Trailer Slot
– Curtainsider
– Walking Floor
– Dry Freighter
– Insulated
– Refrigerated
-Krone Boxliner
-Krone Dryliner
-Krone Profiliner
-Schwmuller Curtain
-Schwmuller Reefer

Krone Dlc-Schmuller Dlc Requires

Tested 1.39x
Enjoy the mod!
Please don’t reupload, keep the original link. Thank you.



9 thoughts on “Tuning All truck package 1.39

  1. GermanETS2Driver

    Interesting point… “Please dont reupload, keep the original link” says the guy who stole Mods from others.

    I downloaded Abasstreppas Hella Pack original from SCS forum so pls players do not download this. All is stolen from others… did you make the Slots for Krone & Schwarzmuller Trailers? No i think the Mods are the old ones from Zipi.

    Without Modders the game will be end sometime.
    Without you the game will be better.
    So if you want to make us the ETS2 Community a present than pls delete yourself.

    1. Blade1974

      I was thinking about you
      why didn’t he comment
      i love you man 🙂

    2. Blade1974

      With the mod in the next version
      record a video
      I will throw at you especially

      1. Turboiron

        ####! All files from 04/12/2020

    3. Tarık İSLİBEY

      sen ne saçmalıyorsun dostum daha iyisini sen yapta kullanalım . siz çalarsınız terbiyeli ol !!!

  2. If all the items in the list would at least show an icon / graphic of what they are, and not just show the Mod logo in there. That doesnt really help to know what it is before you add it.

  3. Thomas Veslov

    Nice – and it works on 1.40 beta so that’s awsome

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