Tuning pack


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The contents of the division on the type of model:
First + Standard tuning:

– Angel Eye
– Hella Chromium
– Hella Rally Kappe
– Bosch
– Mark Lumen Blue and Yellow
– Chromium Blue
– Hella Led Chrome
– Hella Chrome Ring

– Ice Blue with strong intensity
– Red
– Red x3 three point
– Blue
– Yellow
– Green
– Violet
– Warning flashing
– Blinker the left and right

– L, S, G, TIR, ADR

– Michelin lit doll
– Inscription SUPER
– Horseshoe
– Hadley high double trumpet
– Big wide bonfire kogot warning
– Driver and passenger plate frame LED Green

Second Only Tuning:

– Backward in function reverse

– Red + STOP three point with brake function

– Girl
– Lion

Signs highlighted:

Interior Accessories:
– Scarf Poland
– Pennant Poland
– BTC pennant
– Compressed air
– Pendant dreamcatcher
– Cubes
– Logo Mercedes
– Laptop
– Cross LED
– Navigation
– Curtains Blue
– Euro 3 sticker on the glass
– Vest )
– Ass
– Boy

– Roofbox
– Fire extinguisher
– Ladder

Authors: basti73, Scania1988, Chr, Ostry, EED123, Alang7, Capelle, Snaip, Witmen, Matey_Socho, MRscool, jules, Mwl4, Lukasz Jarzynka, DriverWRC, Joker, Legenda®, Vlasta, 21Seconds, Sheryo, Ventyres, StAfFoRdShIrE and others


21 thoughts on “Tuning pack

  1. Wow amazing work it works with all trucks?

  2. how can i enable cross led?

  3. on which version works?I try on and nothing appear

  4. Čau kluci co mam dat abych mohl upravit interier?

  5. половина всего не работает
    вот это
    – Девушка
    – Lion
    – DHL

    Признаки подчеркнул:
    – DHL

    Аксессуары для интерьера:
    – Шарф Польша
    – Вымпел Польша
    – BTC вымпел
    – сжатый воздух
    – Подвеска Dreamcatcher
    – Кубы
    – Логотип Mercedes
    – ноутбук
    – Крест светодиодные
    – Навигация
    – Шторы синий
    – Euro 3 наклейка на стекле
    – Vest)
    – ###
    – мальчик

    – Roofbox
    – Огнетушитель
    – Лестница
    ставил на все машины не гу гу

  6. yes this dose not work on v

  7. ok all First + Standard tuning: works
    but all Second Only Tuning dont work and Other: dont work on v

  8. For this to work, you need to start a new profile/save…

    1. i did do a new profile/save ok all First + Standard tuning: works
      but all Second Only Tuning dont work and Other: dont work on v


    Add StAfFoRdShIrE to the autors. THX

    1. Freddy Jimmink

      They are standing there Mi Boy,



  10. Guys you do not know where I’ll take the Mercedes tuning into it ? the interior etc? thanks

  11. unionpacific13

    this is only works on Mercedes Benz Axor By Danz

  12. whether this interior mod for only mercedes??

  13. is dit ook voor renault magnum

  14. anyone know if this works on 1.8.x or can be updated to work with please

  15. Link doesn’t work

  16. New link please :]

  17. Can it work in v.1.30

  18. does it worked on v. 1.30

  19. U dont need to know

    i cant download

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