Tuning Parts for default Trucks (1.31 – 1.32)

Tuning for default trucks from different authors (listed in the manifesto).
Adapted to 1.31.x and compatible to 1.32
The textures of salons and instrument panels have been changed. In the mod-manager it is desirable to set
the highest priority in order to avoid conflicts with other modes on trucks. Collected and tested on a separate profile – the log is clean. The author of assembly and selection of textures of the salons FSC.
Adaption to 1.32 : Terg

FSC ; Adaption to 1.32 : Terg


5 Responses to Tuning Parts for default Trucks (1.31 – 1.32)

  1. zui says:

    Great! Thank you!

  2. Nexu says:

    Good Thank you!!!!!

  3. Ahajesus says:

    Very good, but the white lights are not white, all halogens. Ideal that anyone who made the mod reviewed this.

  4. Daniel Andersen says:

    Love your pack, but i would love it even more if you could make one without flares and dashboards and cabins, so you only have all the lights and that accessories left ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. SS says:

    I want the latest version

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